Because every actor has his own touch!
A story and its hero are only as good as its villain. While some bad guys are great in their own right, some stand above the rest. But an antagonist's effect is tied to the actor's delivery: It&#
From power-hungry villains to meddling mothers!
What's a Korean drama without a nasty villain or two? Crime shows and thriller series, especially, give birth to the most ruthless and despicable antagonists. But even rom-coms and melodramas have introduced us to the most loathsome characters that
What a bunch of big bastards.
It's proven rather difficult to pick just a few dickish characters from Game Of Thrones seeing as a LOT of them are real jerks. But here's what we've come up with:Telling Yara to "give your
Villains have all the fun--they get more action and the quirkiest lines, and are even played by the coolest actors. We hate them but can't forget them.
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