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'While I was riding him, he said, 'Oh, I'm not a virgin anymore!''
First time sex can be nerve-wracking af for anyone. You're venturing into the unknown, after all. But what if the person you're having sex with has never done it before? ***This article originally appeared on
These can change everything.
The first time you have sex with someone is a deeply individual experience. "Sex" means different things and comes with different emotions from person to person (and from hookup to hookup, TBH). It's totally normal to feel excited, scared, nervous,
"My sexuality is not a huge part of my identity."
From the moment we figure out what sex is, there is a ton of pressure piled on us to 'lose our virginity.' It's absolute madness, and most people end up having sex for the first time before understanding consent, or how
It’s going to be messy, clumsy, and there will be awkward noises.
Sure, you might lose your V-card to your first boyfriend whom you love very much and believe you'll be with forever and ever, but 10 years later, you'll be with someone else you love much more, while your ex-
Relationships with fathers, meanwhile, had no effect.
Lots of factors influence the age at which you lose your virginity, for example the availability of anyone you actually want to have sex with. One factor you may not have considered: how close you are with your mom. A new Dutch
'People are so into hookups these days that girls like me seem like an anomaly.'
As women, we're often held up to confusing standards: We're made to believe that purity is a virtue and are slut-shamed when we sleep around, yet when we remain "pure," we're mocked, pitied, or looked down on. And
You have to see Ashley's reaction on Instagram!
Joe Jonas demolished his flatmate's room searching for condoms when he lost his virginity to then-girlfriend Ashley Greene.The DNCE frontman dated Twilight actress Ashley when he was 20, and has previously spoken about how the stunning star was his
Choosing not to have sex can be for any reason—and all reasons are valid.
1. Choosing not to have sex can be for any reason-and all reasons are valid. Maybe you're choosing to abstain because of your religion or you want to wait until marriage. Or maybe you're not waiting until marriage but
I didn't even kiss him until we were at the altar.
Growing up in a Christian home, I was raised to view my virginity as almost as important as my salvation.It was my most precious possession, to be guarded at all costs-and the loss of it before marital bliss was possibly
'It's your life and your body, Cosmo Girl. You're in charge—don't let other people think they are.'
EDITORS' NOTE: This is in response to "Virginity," published in The Manila Bulletin.Dear Cosmo Girl,"Virginity is the best gift a woman can give your husband on her wedding night," wrote my mother to me when I was 16, and it
"Physically speaking, virginity doesn't exist."
We were taught in school and we've seen in books, TV shows, and movies that we women have a hymen and that it tears when we have sex for the first time. And our bleeding is the sole proof to our
'Mark my words: It really takes two selfless people to have the most fulfilling and satisfying sex life.'
My husband and I lie on our bed and stare at each other for a long time after making love. That's one of my most favorite moments in the whole "sexperience": that moment after the climax that causes us to become
'Yes, by choice. But not my choice.'
First off, let's make things clear: there's NOTHING WRONG with being a virgin. And those who've had their v-cards questioned more often than not are aware of the annoyingness that comes with being grilled about your sexual experience.
Real girls share how they felt after breaking up with the guy they lost their virginity to.
Movies teach us that when you lose your virginity, it's supposed to be a Special Experience with Someone You Love. Turns out, Not. Always.
1. The Slightly Older RebelHe probably introduced you to at least one significant cultural thing you now love, like Freaks and Geeks or an obscure '70s band. You mostly did it because your parents did not care for him, though.2. The
"Why are you such a prude?" So. Much. Hatred.
1. "What are you waiting for?" Everyone asks this because why would anyone wait to try the greatest thing ever, right? But I don't ask you why you're waiting to try yoga or to go to Taylor Swift concerts. Who
Take a stroll down memory lane and relive the embarrassing, awkward, and funny ways you dealt with your V card.
Age 12 and belowWhat exactly is this sex thing they keep talking about on TV and what does it have to do with the birds and the bees? I'm confused!GIF: giphy.comAge 13-14Oh, so that's what being a
We got 10 real women to spill how they lost their virginity, from canoodling on campus to dalliances with older dudes to run-ins with the law (for real!).
Gonna give you all my love, boy / My fear is fading fast / Been saving it all for you / 'Cause only love can last-so croons Madonna in her classic ditty about getting freaky, "Like a Virgin."But any girl who has ever
According to a study, how you lose your virginity can potentially cause a long-term impact.
How was your first sexual encounter? Was it enjoyable, awkward, or downright depressing? Regardless of how you feel about it, one thing is certain: it will forever be imprinted in your memory. Not only that, it will most likely also affect how