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Vitamin E is essential in keeping the body healthy.
For most of our lives, the basic tenets of health have always been a balanced diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and more recently, good mental health. But we all know that there's a lot to learn about each of these
An expert weighs in on whether they're worthwhile.
Last week, British personal trainer Russell Bateman launched a new daily multivitamin known as Lyma, which is now available for international shipping. The founder of Skinny Bitch Collective, an invite-only workout club known for its controversial name and unconventional, "cave-girl
With everyone getting sick in this dreary weather, it's important to keep yourself protected. Read our tips for maintaining a healthy and radiant body!
If there's one thing that can put a damper on our fun and fearless lifestyle, it's a bad case of the sniffles. We're all at risk of getting sick; at school, at work, on the MRT, in the mall-