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How's Ju Kyung gonna keep her secret now?!
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for True Beauty! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet.If you think it's been all cute, fun, and kilig in the first half of True Beauty, well, last
True Beauty fans, how many familiar faces have you spotted so far in our current favorite webtoon-based drama? We've seen a couple of special appearances already-but today, we want to put the spotlight on Park Ho San, aka
He'll look SO good in this!
Cha Eun Woo is one of those celebs who has it all: Good looks, undeniable talent, and a charming personality-you name it, he has it. The 23-year-old is definitely close to perfection, so we absolutely love watching video interviews
We get to see Ju Kyung and Suho's ~first date~!
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for True Beauty! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet.Yup, we're already past the halfway point of True Beauty and are entering ~Act 2~ of our current K-
Fast forward to February 19, please!
2021 is going to be filled with a lot of K-dramas to watch for and we're super hyped that The Penthouse Season 2 is one of them! ICYDK, the series is about a bunch of super-rich families who
That two-week wait felt SO LONG!
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for True Beauty! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet.Happy New Year, y'all! Yup, we really survived two whole weeks of waiting for new True Beauty episodes, and
So much has changed but their beauty remains the same!
Hi K-drama fans! Do you also have a list of your ultimate fave actresses? Because same. So we've decided to do a bit of research and talk about our fave Korean actresses and their first *major* projects and roles.
Here's a list of where to watch legally if you're consuming K-content from the Philippines.
Whether you've just gotten into the addictive world of K-dramas or you've already binge-watched your way through the quarantine period, we're sure you're constantly on the hunt for new K-content to
He's one of our favorite characters on 'Hospital Playlist'!
Good day to you, K-drama fan. Here's a fun trivia: Did you know that actor Jung Kyung Ho's father is Jung Eul Young, a KBS Producer and the TV director of iconic K-dramas like Endless Love
He is one charismatic actor that we can't stop raving about!
Honestly, who doesn't like Jo Jung Suk? He's a pro in acting, his natural charm is irresistible, and before we forget-his kind personality can win anyone's heart. We love him so much that after rounding
For when you just want to ~*feel the love*~.
There's no English equivalent to the word kilig (it's a Pinoy thing, ya know!) but we can all feel it whenever we watch K-dramas, amirite? The K-entertainment industry is so good with making us feel warm
Happy Holidays, Bogummy!
Happy holidays, everybody! If you're looking for the *perfect* gift for yourself this Christmas, we present to you...a throwback video of Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet's Irene dancing and singing to "Jingle Bell Rock!" The performance
Who else squealed out of kilig 'cause of last week's eps?!
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for True Beauty! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet.Gosh!!! Episodes 3 and 4 of True Beauty got us jumping out of our seats 'cause Suho (Cha Eun Woo)
We're so obsessed with this drama!
The webtoon-based drama True Beauty has only aired four episodes so far and can we just quote TWICE? Because we want more, more, more, and more! Good news though: tvN often uploads behind-the-scenes clips on their YouTube channel, so
The webtoon drama is his first project!
The webtoon-based K-drama True Beauty has officially taken over the internet! I mean, have you seen all those memes? Or that Facebook group where you can pick your side as either #TeamSuho or #TeamSeojun? We all patiently wait for Thursdays
Aww, they were such bbs!
K-drama fans, how many ~oppas~ are on your Sana Kami Na Lang IRL list? We're sure there are a lot of them, and the list probably keeps growing every time you finish binge-watching a drama. Don't
Will you really be able to choose between Suho and Seojun?
Imagine that you're Im Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Young) in True Beauty, and two of the most ~visually appealing~ boys in your high school are BOTH interested in you. How will you even choose between ice prince Lee Suho (Cha
Guaranteed to motivate you in life!
Still experiencing post-Start-Up sadness? Same! We haven't completely let go of the Netflix series, tbh. Kayo din ba? *insert teary-eyed emoji*If you're in the mood to watch K-dramas similar to Start-Up, here&#
Yup, even Joo Dan Tae.
The Penthouse: War In Life, a drama about people who live in a prestigious residential building called Hera Palace, has the *craziest* and most evil characters in 2020 K-drama land. They're determined to do anything to get revenge, follow
The 'True Beauty' lead actress' star is definitely on the rise!
Moon Ga Young's name might not be a household name yet, but I'm sure you've seen her face in a variety of K-dramas over the years. After all, the 24-year-old star started in