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The vlogger gets real about overcoming her failed marriage with ex-husband Jon Gutierrez.
Trigger warning: depression.There's no denying the pain that comes after a breakup, especially if your relationship is under the public eye. In an interview for Toni Gonzaga's YouTube channel, vlogger Jelai Andres reflects on the lessons that she
These VisMin content creators are definitely making waves in the digital space!
It's no doubt that over the past few years, there's been a rise in digital content creators and influencers. Chances are when you scroll through your timelines, you'll come across a personality with valuable and entertaining
''Pag nagmahal ako, as in all out.'
For the ~first time ever~ since her breakup with Kiko Estrada, Heaven Peralejo talked about being single. Heaven's friends recently set up a Drink Or Spill challenge for her, where she had to answer juicy questions OR drink a shot
Was it the reason behind the channel deletion?
ICYMI, vlogger couple JaMill-Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad-is back on Youtube. Along with uploading a new vlog on their new Youtube channel, they also sat down for an interview to address the speculations of *possible tax evasion* as social media
Influencers need to file for two types of taxes: income and business.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue issued Revenue Memorandum Circular 97-2021 earlier this month. The circular essentially clarifies the income generated by social media influencers, or those who are earning by producing content through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok,
Foreign vloggers in the Philippines aren't exempted.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued a memorandum on taxation for social media influencers-and yes, they definitely have to do their part, too. Under Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 97-2021 issued on Monday, August 16, the bureau outlined several
Plus you can learn how to make drinks and desserts!
Aside from binge-watching K-dramas on streaming services, I always go to YouTube whenever I want to unwind after a long day at work. This platform has a variety of content that I'm totally obsessed with, like K-pop
'I bought this van not only for me, but [also] for my whole family.'
We already know that some of our favorite content creators have made significant investments at such a young age. There's Hazel Quing who bought her first piece of land in Tagaytay at 23; Rei Germar and boyfriend Migy Romulo who
Aside from being a full-time vlogger, she also runs a couple of businesses!
Rei Germar has come a long way as a Pinay digital content creator. She joined YouTube five years ago, and since then, has attracted a huge following. Her first-ever video was actually a vlog of her Black Friday haul in 2016!
From starting a perfume line, to launching a beverage brand, and more.
Like many of us, our favorite content creators and YouTubers also have dreams of opening their own business ventures. And aside from making content we look forward to seeing on social media, some of them have put in the work to finally
She answers the Internet's most *savage* questions about her.
In her latest vlog, Jessy Mendiola sets the record straight about all the plastic surgery rumors and answers the most Googled questions about her.She shares that one of the most searched topics about her are her before-and-after photos."Ang
We're obsessed with their YouTube vlogs!
14 years ago, Erica Teng came to South Korea to pursue her degree in Chemical Engineering through a Korean government scholarship. Just like any other foreigner in a different country, she had to adjust a lot and get used to her new
'Mas maganda talaga ibalik yung blessings. This is my own small way of celebrating a milestone.'
It's no secret that Ivana Alawi enjoys giving gifts to her family. ICYMI, just last month she surprised her mom with the *cutest* little dog and early this year, she gave her a brand new car. Remember that time when
Pinay YouTuber Niana Guerrero may only be 15 years old, but her talent in dancing is beyond her years, and it shows. It seems her fans aren't the only ones who will agree. In the new Spin The Dare Wheel
He has a BUTT CHAIR.
You guys, Bretman Rock (aka the baddest bitch and content creator) has just blessed us with a tour of his home in Hawaii and it's gorgeous! ICYMI, he also posted a beauty + closet storage room tour before. Now, in a
Arat na, Zebbies!
Zeinab Harake is one of the Philippines' most popular YouTubers; as of writing, she has over 10 million YouTube subscribers. This is an impressive achievement, considering the content creator posted her *first* video just in July 2019, a "Get To Know
Meet Kristine Rosal.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries had to make adjustments with their structure and manpower. It's no secret that a lot of companies suffered and as a result, some had to let go of their employees in order
Christmas came early for Joselito Martinez.
In March 2021, Ivana Alawi had a moving encounter with a generous street vendor named Joselito Martinez. She was vlogging disguised as a homeless person, and she was going around the city begging for money so she could "return to her family
She studied at the UP Open University for two years!
Actress and vlogger Kim Chiu recently opened up about not being able to finish her college degree in her newest YouTube vid, which was released on April 11. She answered the most Googled questions about her, and one of the queries was: "
Grabe yung ~honesty~!
You guys, Bea Alonzo recently played a game of "Who's Who" with her mom Mary Ann (also known as Madam M) and her younger brother James, and it's honestly sooo pure and hilarious. The vid was shot at