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Here are weekend outfit ideas you'll want to try.
1. Off-Shoulder TopDay: Yes, this isn't actually a top, but can you blame us? There's nothing easier to wear on lazy weekends than a dress.Night: Dial up the drama by tucking your top into a high-low flared
Your early-morning clothing crises are truly valid.
Unless you actually take the time to plan the next day's clothes the previous night, you're probably very familiar with the panic that sets in when you wake up late and can't manage to put an outfit together. It'
These classic pieces were made to be worn again and again.
Imagine having a curated collection of timeless items versatile enough to go with each other, be dressed up or down, and worn on different occasions-in short, a capsule wardrobe that makes putting your OOTDs together easy AF. Sounds great, right? (Not
Take it from Elsa and let it go.
Letting go is always hard, and this applies to parting with material things-even those that don't hold any real sentiment. Fear of regret is enough to keep us clinging to things we're not even sure we ever liked. Below
Options are everything!
1. The Plain White Tee Every girl's best friend on DGAF days! You can't get any more versatile than this. T-shirt, P299.75, Bench 2. The Girly Blouse It's kind of ridiculous how quickly a look can go
Read this if your wardrobe is about to collapse on you.
1. Can it still fit me?If it's going to require you to subsist on 1,000 calories a day, you're really better off giving it away. Don't keep things with the intent of saving them for when you'
Time for a closet refresh!
We always like doing a little closet clean-out at the start of the year for two main reasons. One, because some things are just begging to be retired (overly ripped jeans, we're looking at you); and two, because it's
Looking for some fashionspiration for our Style Paparazzi challenge? Check out what these chic Summit chicas wear on a regular work day!
We know a lot of you are excited to send in your photos for Style Paparazzi: Career Edition! To inspire you as you whip up your own wow-worthy work wear looks, we sidled up to several stylish chicas from Summit Media,