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Totally worth investing in!
Even though there are many other ways we can tell the time, nothing beats having a watch strapped to your wrist. Aside from being an everyday accessory, it can also make you look more put-together and professional when paired with the *
Need these!
If you grew up in the '90s/2000s, then you would know how much of a big deal it was to have your own Baby-G watch. Those candy-colored timepieces pretty much verified your level of ~*coolness*~ back in the
Make sure you have at least one watch that goes with everything!
If you're a twentysomething Pinay, you probably want to achieve so many things: a promotion at work, a love life, and a solid skincare routine are just some of the things on your list. Investing might be the least of
These versatile pieces will  go with anything!
Even if we live in a time where you can look at your phone, laptop, or car dashboard to know the time, nothing beats the appeal of a watch strapped around your wrist. Apart from serving as an accessory, it can also
Just one of those #adulting things!
On a typical payday, your go-to splurges might be food, inumans, new clothes, or makeup. But if you think about it, these purchases are only short-term rewards. Don't get us wrong, you can have a mukbang or closet makeover
Never be late again.
It's okay to admit that buying a good quality watch is the least of your priorities at the moment. And #realtalk, the thought of owning a watch probably never really crossed your mind until you read this article's headline. But
It'll be affordable!
This morning on Instagram, Heart Evangelista posted a photo of what looks like a smartwatch with her painting as the wallpaper. She captioned it, "Watch out."Excited fans quickly asked Heart about it. The actress, though, kept her lips sealed. She only
Time to make a good impression!
If you're a twentysomething who thinks your phone could be your watch, think again: owning and wearing a timepiece indicates you're a grown-ass adult who gets stuff done when it needs to be done. Here, 14 different
Functional and pretty!
Smartwatches aren't exactly known for being stylish or nice to look at, which kind of sucks, because we all know accessories can make or break an outfit. And while the software *should* be the top priority, design shouldn't stray too
You're a grown-ass woman now!
Calling all graduating Cosmo girls! Congratulations for making it through some of the best years of your life! So you're transitioning to the the Real World now, huh? We think it's high time you reward yourself with a few pretty
And to make your shopping easier, we compiled our favorite ones already. Sooo, take a hint!
Hi, babe!I know you've been really stressed with work or school, and have probably not thought of what you want to give me for Christmas. Sooo, I'm going to make things easier for you by sneakily posting this article
We have officially joined the loom bandwagon.
We finally get the loom band craze. We made our own SWAP Loom watch during Tomato's SWAP Your Lifestyle event on August 7, and we are officially hooked! The SWAP Loom watch allows you to create your own rainbow loom strap
They make us super happy!
Wanna know how you can keep your summer outfits super fun?We found the brightest timepieces you can use to inject some color to your arm party. Launch the gallery for the cutest watches!
These strikingly beautiful tickers are budget-friendly, too!
Whether you prefer a chic gold chronograph or a retro-cool tie-dye timepiece, you're sure to find the perfect arm candy here-all below P5,000. Fashionably late? Puh-lease.Launch our gallery and check out our top picks, perfect
The best part? They're stylish and easy on the wallet!
Are you looking for a new timepiece to match with all of your outfits? Belgian brand Komono is now available in the Philippines-and its sleek, stylish watches are perfect for all you fashionistas!The watches come in a variety of fun (
Check out Tomato's latest line of time pieces, SWAP.
Local brand Tomato recently launched its latest watch concept called SWAP. SWAP offers interchangeable silicone straps (P350 each) that come in 30 different yummy colors with 22 watch face designs (P500 each) to match, perfect for our every style and mood!The
Complete your wardrobe for the season with these trendy and statement-making add-ons.
Look stylish with minimal effort by complementing your summer outfits with the season's hottest accessories. Since it's sexy and practical to bare more skin this season, you can instead draw attention to your best features with these flattering and functional
Keep up with these hot stars by checking out the timely and chic watches they adore.
If there's one fashion item that every girl must have, it's a versatile and reliable watch. Flashy jewelry aside, it helps you be where you should be on time--be it in class by the time the bell rings or