Time to make a good impression!
If you're a twentysomething who thinks your phone could be your watch, think again: owning and wearing a timepiece indicates you're a grown-ass adult who gets stuff done when it needs to be done. Here, 14 different
Functional and pretty!
Smartwatches aren't exactly known for being stylish or nice to look at, which kind of sucks, because we all know accessories can make or break an outfit. And while the software *should* be the top priority, design shouldn't stray too
You're a grown-ass woman now!
Calling all graduating Cosmo girls! Congratulations for making it through some of the best years of your life! So you're transitioning to the the Real World now, huh? We think it's high time you reward yourself with a few pretty
And to make your shopping easier, we compiled our favorite ones already. Sooo, take a hint!
Hi, babe!I know you've been really stressed with work or school, and have probably not thought of what you want to give me for Christmas. Sooo, I'm going to make things easier for you by sneakily posting this article
We have officially joined the loom bandwagon.
We finally get the loom band craze. We made our own SWAP Loom watch during Tomato's SWAP Your Lifestyle event on August 7, and we are officially hooked! The SWAP Loom watch allows you to create your own rainbow loom strap
They make us super happy!
Wanna know how you can keep your summer outfits super fun?We found the brightest timepieces you can use to inject some color to your arm party. Launch the gallery for the cutest watches!
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