Real talk on that whole 'eight glasses a day' thing.
Although you may prefer wine, water makes up roughly 60 percent of your body. It helps transport nutrients to your cells, moves waste out of your body, and plays an important role in respiration and energy metabolism, according to the National Academy
Could it be the new lemon water?
Surprisingly, the new wellness trend celebs are currently loving involves one of the most basic health tricks in the world: drinking water! But this time they're charging their water with hydrogen.So what's the difference between the two?
We've been living a lie!
Ask any woman how she keeps her skin *glowing*, and in addition to mentioning proper diet and exercise, she'll say that she drinks a lot of water, too. But the truth is-brace yourselves-drinking water to hydrate your skin
And it's located in Germany, of all places.
Can you believe that the biggest indoor water park is actually in Germany? What's weirder is that even though Germany's temperatures can totally dip below freezing, the water park is called Tropical Islands Resort. LOL!The whole place covers 16
Lubrication doesn't come out of nowhere.
I know we've always been told to drink at least two liters of water a day to keep our bodies healthy and our skin clear, but I did NOT know there was a sex-related reason we should all be downing
Hyperhydration can be dangerous.
A 59-year-old woman from London, England recently developed symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI) and decided that she would drink as much water as she could to "flush out her system.""The woman inevitably ended up doing herself more harm
It's so easy, you'll wish you started doing it yesterday.
Most weight loss tips require lots of sacrifice for very little gain. But new research suggests eating fewer calories could be as mindlessly simple as drinking a few extra cups of water every day. (See? Told you it was E-A-S-
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