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Sometimes, bigger is better.
Large tattoos have been overshadowed by tiny, minimalist ink for a few years now. But today, we're changing that by shining the light on sizeable, beautiful tatt designs. If you're ever in the mood for ink that'
These are literally works of art!
Recently, we stumbled upon ink inspo that made us do a double take (and double tap): Watercolor painting-inspired tattoos! The dreamy colors and flawless blending made our hearts and minds go ~*wow!*~ Take a look at these works of art:You
She even had another tattoo added beside it!
Jessy Mendiola has had a dreamy mermaid tattoo on her right wrist for a while.But on Wednesday, she had her mermaid tatt transformed into a *~whale shark*~ and had a diver added right next to it! The two new tattoos symbolize
Tattoos beautifully age on this area.
Forget about placing tiny tattoos on your fingers and wrists. The new "It" place is on the inner part of your elbow or knee called the ditch. No, we're not making things up, it's a legit term of
Tired of florals? You have loads of options!
A watercolor tattoo job usually equates to having flowers inked on the skin. But if you're someone who finds floral illustrations too girly for your quirky personality, try these colorful ones instead.Follow Ira on Instagram.
Here's something fun to do on V-Day!
If you're ready to make a big commitment with your SO, why not get matching tattoos? You can get any design you want and they last ~*forever*~ like your love for bae. Read on for some body ink inspo:Follow
It's time to get ~fancy~ body art!
Watercolor tattoos look more stunning than regular black tattoos, and they stand out regardless of the size. They're perfect for dainty ladies and artsy folks.Just like a painting, a watercolor tattoo calls for skillful and artistic hands. If you&#