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Easy hacks and instant solutions, right this way.
Good day, friends. I bring you a tamad-girl-friendly guide on how to get smooth, shiny hair without getting a salon treatment. Trust me, regardless of your hair texture, this handy dandy guide will help you score the most Instagrammable hair
Effortless and beautiful.
For many years now, celebrities have always turned to messy waves as their go-to hairstyle. This 'do is a bit tricky to do by yourself. It calls for a different technique as compared to classic, voluminous waves. If you want
This hairstyle looks good on everyone!
Take a quick glance at most Korean beauty selfies and you'll notice that most of them sport soft wavy hair. The technical and more accurate term is S-wave or S-curl. This flattering 'do can make you looked
Seriously—they're surprisingly easy.
Lol beach waves-remember beaches? Remember beach-y hair? Remember the world not being on fire in a thousand different ways?! Yeah, 2020 has been wild. But even though you may not be heading back to the beach anytime soon (or, you
So, here's the thing about hair types: They don't play by any rules. You might have coarse waves mixed with fine curls, or a smattering of coils and tight textures, or stick-straight hair that poofs and frizzes under the
All the info you really need to know.
If you have curly hair, you already know how freaking ~moody~ it is. You can kiss it and hug it and load it with all the best creams, gels, and conditioners, yet it can still poof out, frizz up, deflate, or look
It's too easy, I swear.
After years of stalking every celeb Insta, we can safely conclude that the messy waves/undone waves/hair bends is the fave hairstyle of the stars. From Hollywood to local showbiz, the 'do has been a go-to choice of celebrities for
The more moisturizing they are, the better.
If you're a naturally curly- or wavy-haired girl, you probably spent most of your life with frizzy, unruly hair that no product could seem to fix. You also probably had your mane rebonded or chemically straightened at least once,
Take note of their favorite formulas!
Shampoo is a divisive subject among curly- and wavy-haired girls because some say you should only wash your hair a few days a week, while others swear by ditching shampoo altogether. But ultimately, it depends on what works and what feels
There is more to 'wavy' and 'curly' hair.
We've always been told that there are only three types of hair textures: straight, wavy, and curly. According to Naturally Curly, however, there are actually four types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. These four categories are further divided into three
Get your dream waves using everything from hot tools to hair hacks.
If you think that soft, tousled, just-napped-on-a-beach waves are only synonymous with Victoria's Secret Angels, think again. Wavy hair has re-manifested itself as a cool girl staple for 2019, and Gigi Hadid, Demi Lavato, Hailey
Give your hot tools a rest and let your locks breathe!
Growing up with wavy or curly hair has always been difficult-you definitely envied your friends who were ~*#blessed*~ with naturally silky-straight locks. At one point, every wavy-haired girl tried to be just like them by constantly blow drying, ironing,
Volumizing products make you look like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet.
1. You always have to do SOME type of styling to your hair if you want it to look put-together. This means you either have to curl it with a curling iron or face the daunting task of straightening it, even
Tired of your boring straight, listless mane? See if soft, sultry waves are what your locks crave right now. Try this easy styling technique.
Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) will be hot again this year, what with her upcoming flicks Did You Hear About The Morgans? and the sequel to the Sex and the City movie. And for sure, her signature tousled locks will be a sure