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Your medicine kit is complete with pills for diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, headaches, and allergies.
Freaky Friday/Walt Disney1. You're becoming more and more forgetful.You suck at recalling dates and names. You've found yourself saying "What's the name of that guy in 500 Days of Summer again? I know there's a J
When those three words aren't enough
There are moments when you just can't say "I love you." Whether it's because you're secretly longing for someone or those three words and six letters just don't do your feelings justice, we give you other ways you
These celebs make the case for wearing an LBD every day.
Sunshine CruzSunshine keeps it simple by pairing her LBD with black peep-toe flats. Rhian RamosWe think Rhian's piano keys-printed shoes added a playful touch to her plain black dress. Pauleen LunaPauleen's full bangs and curls made her look
Try to be intimate.
When you're in a relationship, expect that there will be ups and downs. Do you feel like you and your guy are drifting apart? Here are simple ways to improve your relationship and live a happier life together. Practice active listening.
Go easy on your food.
Some days you just feel heavy and bloated, but your body shape hasn't really changed. If it's not because of PMS, it's probably caused by gas, water retention, or having eaten too much. Here are ways to beat the
You want your shoes to look cool, sophisticated, and sexy, but you'd also like to be able to walk 10 blocks without wanting to chop off your own feet, and that is completely legitimate.
If you love high heels, great! More power to you. But for many people, high heels are torture devices. The truth is, there are enough great flat shoe options out there that if you don't want to wear heels, you seriously
Don't say anything just yet.
1. Listen well.Don't interrupt your boss or colleague who's commenting on your performance or work because you still don't know the gist of what they're saying and their suggestions. You'd be rude and appear uncritical, close-
The jacket you never knew you needed.
In the land of limbo weather (i.e. it's sunny in the morning and rainy in the evening), deciding what to wear requires a bit of guesswork. Make the selection process easier for yourself with the ~perfect~ piece that can keep
It all starts with what goes into your dishes and meals.
Trying to go the healthy route? You don't have to banish all kinds of desserts from your life but you can start with baby steps (we have easy-to-do tips!):1. Watch your sides.White rice is tempting, but try
Because his love for you isn't proven by how much he says those three words.
1. He believes in you. He might have a different career path and skillset, but he knows you and your goals. He just knows that you can make it, and whenever you doubt yourself he'll cheer you on in a heart
Some keep it casual.
You might not notice it, but men do certain things to make you pay attention to them. They have go-to moves that'll make you fall head over heels for their smile or their kwento, and you won't even realize
Did you know? People with the blood type O attract mosquitoes more than those with type A or B blood!
It's true. Some of us are easy targets of mosquitoes than others. According to Jonathan Day, a medical entomologist and mosquito expert at the University of Florida, "some people produce more of certain chemicals in their skin. And few of those
Look pert yet professional with the mix of neutral hues and vibrant shades in this month's fashion editorial. Check out our behind-the-scenes snaps from the shoot!
Never underestimate the power of a smart blazer and solid-colored bottoms. In the corporate world, the clothes you have on not only reflect how serious you are about your work, it makes an impression on your boss and your peers, too--
Downed too many drinks? Had unprotected nooky? Here are the body-saving tips you need ASAP...and later in the day.
You know you shouldn't have, so we'll spare you the lecture on how only a bonehead would make these what-were-you-thinking mistakes. Instead, we'll focus on minimizing the fallout. 1. You seriously pigged out.Do this now: •
Bonding with people doesn't just feel good--it also helps you get what you want in life. We share an expert's secrets to making it happen.
Here's the real deal: You may be talented and charming, but it's the ability to click with anyone-your boss, that hottie, new friends-who can ultimately land you the promotion, a date, and strong BFF bonds. "Instant connections are
Want to get waiters, neighbors, and even your hot yoga teacher on your side? Try these naughty moves and see the difference.
1. Frequently gush over your neighbor's impeccably decorated apartment, and he'll be more willing to watch over your place while you're away on a two-week vacation. 2. Lean on the counter at your fave fast-food joint so
These tweaks to your body language have such a positive impact, you'll instantly look and feel like you can handle anything.
1. Flash a genuine smile (one that forms crinkles at the corners of your eyes and mouth). It is disarming and has been proven to boost your mood. 2. To ace the handshake, focus on firmly directing the up-and-down movement
Instead of just dozing off after the deed, why not try a little tenderness? Here, some post-romp practices that spell sexy romance.
Take a moment to think about what you and your guy usually do after sex. Chances are, it's sleep, eat, or flip on the TV. Not exactly romantic, especially considering that the few hours afterward are one of the best times
It sucks to meet a hottie, hit it off, and hang out all the time...only to realize you've somehow ended up in the buddy zone. Next time, use these tips to make a beeline for girlfriend territory.
Get him alone. Chilling with mutual friends is a great way to get to know a first. But if a few weeks go by and you haven't had any one-on-one time, he may start to think of
Chemistry just isn't enough to keep a guy smitten. If you want your man to stay for the long haul, let this list be your good girlfriend guide.
You meet a guy you like, you feel sparks, and he clearly feels them, too. After dating for a while, things start to get more intense. All great! But, now that you've found someone with whom you really click-someone who