Ring-touching can indicate a troubled marriage—but don't stress.
Yesterday, Prince Harry emerged from a helicopter and we, the people, got a chance to inspect him while he ~inspected the troops~. And while all the photos of Harry from this blessed event were fifty shades of dashing, images of Harry touching/
Now THAT's a personal touch.
From wedding ring tattoos to unique bands and engagement styles, people are opting more and more to avoid traditional jewelry when it comes to their wedding day.And the latest trend in wedding bands has to be the cutest, most personal yet-
A Merry Christmas indeed!
Chris Pratt surprised his wife Anna Faris with an early Christmas present by upgrading her wedding ring.The actress showed off her new bling at the Los Angeles premiere of her husband's new film Passengers and gushed about Chris' romantic gesture."
And they were bought ONLINE.
Mila Kunis paid $90 or P4000+ for her wedding ring on Etsy.The 32-year-old was given a "stunning, stunning" engagement ring by Ashton Kutcher when he proposed in February 2014. But when it came to choosing a wedding band for
Sealed with a rock.
When it comes to tying the knot, we can always count on Celebrityville to have the grandest, most enviable engagements. Just like in the movies, the stars seal the deal with a sparkling big rock as if to let the world know
To John Mayer!
Katy Perry and John Mayer are planning to marry in June. The two, who have been dating around 18 months-sparked speculation they were engaged when the "Prism" singer stepped out on Valentine's Day wearing a ring on her engagement finger.
Soon-to-wed Cosmo chicks are probably easing into the wedding mood. If you haven't found the perfect wedding band, check out these celebrity creations.
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