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Upgrade your summer wardrobe with the latest comfy and stylish shoes from Lacoste.
Summer is officially here-it's time to stash your boots and heavy leather shoes in your closet and take out light and fun footwear!From chic, casual flats, to funky, fashion-forward wedges, Lacoste makes it easy to upgrade your summer
What?! 71% of men think wedge heels are the most unattractive shoes. Like ever.
Well, here's an interesting study: Guys hate seeing their girlfriends in wedges. Yep, American organization polled 2,103 men and asked them what kind of shoes they disliked seeing on girls, and the results were pretty surprising.According to
If shoes could talk, then these would be screaming, "buy me!"
What better way to end the week than with a shoe shopping feature? Besides, it's post-Christmas sale season, so a little indulging won't hurt.To continue our gallery series featuring the hottest color of the year (check out these
Check out the stylish yet comfy designs from the footwear brand's latest collection, featuring the creations of five fashion-forward ladies.
When you're constantly on the go, a comfy yet stylish pair of shoes is a must. As you juggle deadlines, keep up with your raging social life, and squeeze in some QT with your honey, a sturdy yet spiffy pair of
Brighten up your summer outfits with these trendy sandals, flats, wedges, heels, and more in fun styles!
Summer fashion is all about color! Pair your summer outfit of choice with the latest footwear trends that are bolder and brighter than ever. Take your pick from a variety of styles for your every summer activity.For everyday wear, choose from
We've said this a thousand times: Shoes can make or break an outfit. Plan the perfect footwear to go with your hot date outfit. Choose from our feminine finds.
Have you picked your V-Day outfit (click here for ideas)? If you still can't decide what to wear on the big day, we recommend starting from the bottom up. Choose flirty, feminine shoe styles with a little height to elongate
Make the world your catwalk this Christmas with fab shoes in various party-perfect styles!
Now that you've (hopefully) completed your Christmas shopping, it's time to bring out your fancy shoes and get ready to party! Footwear is one of the most vital elements in any outfit; a simple change of shoes can dress you
Give your feet a break from all the heels you'll be wearing to holiday parties. Stock up on chic flats and flip-flops that make great gifts, too!
If you've started gift-hunting already, you know how tiring it can be to navigate your way through malls and bazaars bursting with holiday shoppers. Hours of walking and commuting can take its toll on your legs and feet, so as