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When 12,000 plans become 0 actions, lol.
It's the same every Friday: The allure of the weekend pulling us away from work we were pretending to do and into excitable weekend planning. "Maybe I'll go to a new workout class or begin learning French?," "Maybe
You’ve been looking forward to the long weekend for days, and THERE IT IS. Around the corner! Spending it home alone? We got your covered.
1. Pamper yourself. You can have a DIY relaxing treatment with natural ingredients from your kitchen! Facial mask from eggs? Hair conditioner from coconut oil? Exfoliating scrub from brown sugar? There's nothing like whipping up your own creams and massaging your
Check out which activity suits you best!
Not sure what to do this weekend? Grab your favorite snack and take this quiz to decide!
Find out what your guy <i>really</i> wants to do when you hit the sack after a busy workweek.
When you and your guy work five days a week, sometimes all you want to do is relax the moment you get home. But, that doesn't mean you can't still be intimate with each other. Here's a cheat sheet
Do you want to keep your hot new guy? Arm yourself with these tips so you don’t scare him away.
Make the most of the coming long weekend. Enjoy it in a fun, fearless way with these tips!