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Yuna's fancam fueled fans' growing concerns about her health.
Known for having intense *workout-like* choreographies, popular K-pop girl group ITZY never fails to prioritize eating healthily and working out to dance well during stage performances. The group's maknae, Yuna, has always had a fit and slender physique,
'Yes, malaki ako. Eh ano naman ngayon? Bakit, may kawalan ba?'
Angel Locsin is not one to shy away from speaking her mind, especially when it comes to her weight and fitness journey. In her interview with Ogie Diaz on his YouTube channel, he asked her about her ~thoughts~ on what netizens had
'I also celebrate my stretch marks. 'Cause they're awesome.'
Paolo Benjamin of the folk-pop band Ben&Ben recently shared an amazing milestone in his weight loss journey.The lead vocalist and guitarist took to Instagram to share his before and after photos, which featured his toned body and defined abs."
The actress credits the Belo procedure for her postpartum weight loss.
In recent years, celebrities have become considerably open with the cosmetic procedures they've undergone to achieve their stunning figures, dismantling the stigma that revolves around going under the knife. One of the most recent stars to admit having work done on
She has been so busy after the success of 'Squid Game.'
Breakout star Jung Ho Yeon has achieved a lot in just three months: She endorsed multiple brands and was hailed as the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram, to name a few. But like what they say, the celebrity life is
'For 10 years, I was hungry.'
For the longest time, the quest for beauty has been all about chasing unrealistic standards. For instance, moms have been subjected to an unspoken rule to bounce back and achieve their pre-pregnancy bodies after giving birth. But things are looking up
'It was over a two-year period.'
If you've been on social media at all in the last few days, you'll know that the world is collectively losing their minds over the return of Adele. Not only has the Grammy Award winner been teasing fans
'Don't let the perception of others dim your light.'
On September 21, Angel Locsin posted a series of cute mirror selfies on Instagram with the caption, "Remember to love every inch of you." The post quickly made headlines with commenters pointing out and reacting to her weight loss.The next day,
'My journey from 125 lbs to 111 lbs, though weight loss was not the goal.'
ICYDK, Rebel has lost 65 pounds since her fitness journey began.
By now, you probably know that Rebel Wilson has been on a fitness journey since 2020, her "Year of Health". It was a slow, gradual process for the actress, sharing that she initially just went on more walks and made healthier food
No room for body-shamers here!
In June 2021, Angel Locsin shared a peek at her new diet plan, showing that she has been on an 800-calorie diet. Angel recently opened up about the reason for her weight loss journey, saying in an episode of the online
Commenting on people's bodies can cause unintended damage.
Demi Lovato's eating disorder recovery hasn't been easy. Recovering from bulimia is challenging and they're brave to continually fight against negative thoughts about their body. Demi took to Instagram to share a simple message with their
Step one: Know it's gonna take time.
Our goal is to publish weight-loss content with integrity, science-backed reporting, and insight on what you can realistically accomplish while attempting to lose weight in a healthy way. We feel it's important for you to know that the biological
So proud of you, Dani!
Dani Barretto got real about her "mom bod" in an honest Instagram post. The 28-year-old content creator posted before-and-after pictures of her postpartum body-from two months after giving birth to her present figure. "2 months postpartum and
'This will be my sexiest year.'
Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared how she lost a total of 42 pounds since she embarked on her weight loss journey in December 2020. "This will be my sexiest year," Mariel declared in what appeared to be a clip from early 2021. "I
'People have scars and we do not want to add on to it.'
Chynna Ortaleza recently opened up about what it's like to be publicly scrutinized for her weight. It all started when the GMA-7 actress updated her Instagram profile with a photo of herself and her husband Kean Cipriano enjoying a
'I own many mirrors and part of my job is to know what I look like.'
Let me just put it out here: Making comments about anyone's weight and body-may they be to a friend, a relative, a stranger, or a public figure even-is never okay. Come on, guys, it's 2021, and
She's been documenting her incredible journey on Instagram.
Rebel Wilson, or as she calls herself, Fit Amy, is here to inspire everyone to make healthier life choices! The 40-year-old Australian actress has declared earlier this year that 2020 will be her "Year of Health," and she followed through.
No more wasting time at the gym.
From doing your mental health a solid to reducing your risk of dying from basically anything, there are a bazillion non-weight related reasons to get moving. Okay, if you want to get specific there's: more stable blood sugar, better heart
From 'detoxing' to lose weight, to whether or not they're safe.
Juice cleanses: Whether or not you're converted to the supposed benefits of ditching food for days on end, in exchange for liquid fruit and veg, one thing that's for certain is our fascination with them. We grilled Dr.