There may be some other underlying causes aside from diet and exercise.
Let's be clear: there's no shame in putting on a bit of weight. Sometimes it means you've been exercising less or eating more, and that's OK. It's just the way the cookie
Anne Curtis revealed that she gained 15 pounds in the recent month. "Even I'm in shock," captioned Anne in an Instagram post.The weight gain has caused people to wonder if she's pregnant, but the actress clarified it
It's got something to do with metabolism.
Putting on five pounds when you're 5'10" is NBD-you might not even ~notice~ it. But when you're 5'2"? It can feel like an emergency situation.But here's where things get really, really frustrating: Losing those same
Weight, like age, is just a number.
Dieting is or has been a part of every woman's life. And most of the time, it wasn't her idea. We're taught to obsess over our weight, to quietly reprimand ourselves whenever we gain that pound back. So we
Spoiler alert: The answer isn't a number.
Most women have sized up their bodies to someone else's-the woman killing it on the treadmill, the mom buzzing by at preschool drop-off, the co-worker three cubes over who you think is named Becky (but you know for
This woman's IG account documents her weight loss journey.
Ever since Rachel Graham started an Instagram account in 2015 to document her weight loss journey after having two kids, she's made sure to keep it real with her followers. Losing over 90 pounds is no easy task, and Graham isn'
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