'I really noticed when people started attacking me for that.'
Selena Gomez has opened up about the body shaming she went through during her health issues, getting candid about what it was like to have people attack her online.Speaking to Raquelle Stevens for her podcast Giving Back Generation, Selena said that
The results will surprise you.
It's widely believed that weight gain is a common side-effect of various contraceptives, including the pill. But how much of it is really true?For women, gaining weight is a common factor in the decision about whether to start
'Uy, guys, tao din ako.'
In a new vlog post, Jessy Mendiola reacts to throwback photos all the way back from when she was a kid. Showing her cute childhood pics, she recalls her love for pigtails and bangs and sharing clothes with her two sisters.When
We are worth more than what we weigh on the scales.
When you live in a world that has historically been obsessed with one very narrow idea of what makes a woman beautiful (clue: it's related to size), it can be hard not to set high standards for yourself.Many women
There may be some other underlying causes aside from diet and exercise.
Let's be clear: there's no shame in putting on a bit of weight. Sometimes it means you've been exercising less or eating more, and that's OK. It's just the way the cookie
Anne Curtis revealed that she gained 15 pounds in the recent month. "Even I'm in shock," captioned Anne in an Instagram post.The weight gain has caused people to wonder if she's pregnant, but the actress clarified it
It's got something to do with metabolism.
Putting on five pounds when you're 5'10" is NBD-you might not even ~notice~ it. But when you're 5'2"? It can feel like an emergency situation.But here's where things get really, really frustrating: Losing those same
Weight, like age, is just a number.
Dieting is or has been a part of every woman's life. And most of the time, it wasn't her idea. We're taught to obsess over our weight, to quietly reprimand ourselves whenever we gain that pound back. So we
Spoiler alert: The answer isn't a number.
Most women have sized up their bodies to someone else's-the woman killing it on the treadmill, the mom buzzing by at preschool drop-off, the co-worker three cubes over who you think is named Becky (but you know for
This woman's IG account documents her weight loss journey.
Ever since Rachel Graham started an Instagram account in 2015 to document her weight loss journey after having two kids, she's made sure to keep it real with her followers. Losing over 90 pounds is no easy task, and Graham isn'
Every single part of your period is a nightmare.
As if you didn't have enough happening inside your body when your period arrives (cramps, bloating, headaches, backaches, weird nausea, whatever's going on with your intestines...), sometimes a bonus friend tags along with it: Period weight! Yes, because the world
They have all the secrets? to steadying the scale.
Some people walk through life without thinking twice about their weight. Once they're fully grown, their weight stays preeeetty freaking steady for the rest of their lives. It's not just good genes they're blessed with. Researchers at Cornell Food
Yes, your boyfriend can make you fat.
A person's partner has a greater impact on their chances of becoming obese than their upbringing, findings of a new study show.Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have analyzed data provided by 20,000 Scottish families.They found that by
Need motivation? Pay a friend for every day you don't work out.
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the U.S. have been examining whether financial incentives may help increase the levels of physical activity among overweight and obese adults.In a new study, 281 participants were each given the
#ThatMomentWhen your metabolism gets used to your workout.
Hey, we won't deny it: More exercise means a thinner you.But only up to an extent. When you start to get into an exercise habit, your metabolism expenditure gets revved up. But as you get more active, the calorie-burning
Your favorite food becomes your worst enemy.
1. Your favorite food becomes your worst enemy.The bag of chips is tempting you every single minute to just indulge. You feel like it's calling out to you, and it's telling you that you'll be so, so happy
It can also destroy your liver!
You might want to start eating slowly and chatting more with your family or friends during mealtimes from now on. Researchers from the National Institute of Health Science and Fukuoka University in Japan found that eating quickly, as well as eating right
We think the word "healthy" is a license to overeat!
When you think a certain food is healthy, you eat more of it, right? Sadly, that can make you gain weight, as found by researchers at the University of Texas.Why? Because you think you're eating something that isn't filling
What's inside of your gut could be responsible for making it bigger.
In the battle against the bulge, there's one crucially overlooked culprit: the changing composition of your gut bacteria.A new study, published last October 2015 in the journal EBioMedicine, lends more evidence to the case against this newfound weight-loss crook.
Yup, there's a perfect time for it.
Whether or not you're targeting weight loss, the best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning. To be more precise, WebMD suggests you step on the scale after relieving yourself in the bathroom upon waking up, before eating
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