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Presenting batch one of all the makeup, skincare, hair, personal care, and food brands!
Hey, CGs! The biggest beauty and wellness festival in the metro, Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, is less than a month away. For two days, we have so many fun things and surprises in store for you! To get you even more excited, we have
Read up on cosmetic acupuncture + its skin-loving benefits.
I absolutely HATE the sensation of anything that resembles an electric current: static electricity, that "ngilo" feeling when you get cavities drilled by your dentist, or even the occasional audible spark when you plug something into a socket. When my teammate Ysa
Is it for everyone?
Glutathione, or "gluta" as it's more commonly referred to, is best known for its skin lightening properties. Women who want to whiten their skin turn to this ingredient wishing to expedite the process. But for the same reason, those who
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on December 12, 2017!
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It's actually a great workout!
To the untrained eye, yoga seems like an extreme sport. All the twists, splits, and balancing that certain positions require look borderline dangerous. That doesn't stop us from wanting to try it, though! People who do yoga make the ~zen~ life
There's a science to it!
Studies show that there are magic hours to accomplishing tasks and maximizing your well-being. It's part of Chronobiology, a field of biology that studies internal biological clocks.Best time of the day to: weigh yourselfFirst thing in the morning after
So you won't feel tired when you leave the office!
Is your job wearing you out to the point that you leave the office drained? Join the club. If you want to end your workday feeling pumped up to go home or hang out with your friends, here are some really easy
It was the perfect #WellnessWednesday on October 9 with the activities that Nestle Fitnesse prepared for us!
Most of us are guilty of cramming for work or school, but if we take a closer look, our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is usually crammed as well. When there's an upcoming high school reunion or beach vacay, we typically
The holidays may have been fun, but you've got to admit they were stressful. Retreat to a spa for some relaxing me-time or R&R sesh with your girls to feel brand new.
Start the year with a clear head and a revitalized outlook on life by ridding yourself of the toxins and stress that troubled you in 2011. If you're in need of a pick-me-up, or just want to find a
Are stress and fatigue taking over your life--and <i>love</i> life? Hit the new spa that lets you (and your man) indulge in face and body treatments in such plush facilities.
With reports from Trixie ReynaStress can bring even the best of us down. The trick to staying on top of it is to set aside time to relax and take a much-deserved break. The problem is, whenever we do get free
Get the VIP treatment you deserve--without having to splurge.
If you're single on V-Day, channel all the love toward yourself and your fellow single girl friends, spoil yourself, and get the pampering you deserve. You don't have to go all out and blow your budget on an out-
Sometimes, eating the right food is not enough. If you're serious about kickstarting a healthier lifestyle, read on as Cosmo tells you about a special kind of fiber you need.
If you want to get into running but don't know where to start, grab this great new mag!
Amie gets physical this month and works up a sweat—at a striptease class! She tells us all about it in her latest blog entry.
Running across the Philippines just wasn't enough. This Fun Fearless Female Awardee ran across North America. She tells Cosmo all about her love for her sport.
Cosmo Centerfold Daniel Matsunaga and hot model Fabio Ide were seen in a club, toasting to health with...bottles of juice!