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Three magical words: Add to cart!
I'm pretty sure most of us have gone window shopping-strolling around the mall, just looking at all the things we dream of buying but choosing to practice self-restraint instead. These days, however, I've just been online shopping
Their favorites might be your next holy grail products!
Here at, we're always incredibly curious (read: nosy) about the contents of the kikay kits of other Pinays. We just * love* getting recommendations based on the contents of their makeup bags!Last time, we raided the kits of
Santa, we've been so good this year.
Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is a day away and we couldn't be more excited! We can't wait to be with our family and relatives, eat the delicious Noche Buena food, and of course, open up our presents. Throughout
Check out their makeup bag must-haves here!
Here at, we're always curious about what Pinays carry in their everyday kikay kits. Whenever we spy on their bags, we discover their HG products that we can add to our collection!That said, we asked girls who
Wallet? Check. Lippie? Check.
Before you rush out the door, you probably check your bag to see that you have all your work essentials. Pens, notebook, chargers-you know, the things you can't do without in the office (or wherever you're working
What's in *your* collection?
Remember back in the day (I mean like, two years ago, lol) when you used to take screenshots of inspirational quotes and hilarious memes you wanted to "save" before they got lost in your feed? Instagram was like, let make your life
What book are *you* reading right now?
Every day, there's something new in the world of technology, but there's something to be said about the resilience of printed books. Though having a new smartphone or gadget to play with can definitely be super exciting, there
What are your workout essentials?
Do you know anyone who simply strolls out of the office and into a gym to work out? Probably not, and that's because it takes a lot to get in the zone-and we're not just talking about
Iba na ang ready!
The presence of a kikay kit in your bag is ~v important~, as it is comforting to know that you'll never be caught in an emergency without your trusty essentials. Need to present before big bosses? A bold red lip
It's fun to know what other girls are using.
Here at Cosmopolitan, we're always curious to know what's inside the kikay kits of celebrities, influencers, and friends. We find it interesting to know what products work for them-that may probably suit us, too! It's