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Rei Germar has been serving hot beach lewks ever since, and her latest look has left us obsessed with neutral-colored bikinis. We spotted her in a beige two-piece swimsuit, and it changed our minds about wearing skin-toned bikinis!Before,
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While we do love a normal graphic tee, there's something special about getting a ~customized~ one. You get the feeling that it's made just for you and that it's unique! If you want to give your
Because, yes, *everything* needs a label.
Part of the reason why we love watching celebrity home tours is because, well, it gives us a glimpse into what their personal lives look like, but also, everything is just so, so organized. I was ecstatic when Julia Barretto took posted
It only costs less than P1,600!
Hi there! One thing you should know about me is I like chunky shoes, especially if they have thick soles because I love the extra height they give me, lol. (Small girls can relate!) I tend to favor black ones for that
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Sound the alarms: Our favorite Gen Z bb Ashley Garcia just uploaded a new YouTube video a few days ago! As soon as we saw the words "bag haul" in the title, we knew we had to watch it. In there, Ashley
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Stop what you're doing and focus on my announcement: I think I just found the chunky sandals you'll be wearing all year! Check out this pair from Love, Ara. Just a quick glance at them and you already
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If you're looking to update your wardrobe and add edgier and cooler stuff, you don't have to limit yourself to foreign brands anymore. There are a ton of homegrown streetwear brands that are high-quality and have meaningful
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Hello! Now that it's already summer, it's time to (temporarily) retire our beloved white sneakers in favor of something that is lighter and more breathable: Sandals. We came across a local brand selling comfy footwear that checks all
Ok but srsly, NEED.
Okay, so we've heard about heating coasters that will keep your coffee warm for hours. Well, our latest discovery is the next best thing: electric lunch boxes! With this kind of kitchen appliance, you'll never have to eat
Be still, my palpitating heart.
There are things you want and things you need. And then there are those rare finds that like to play with the boundary between the two. This is the feeling I get whenever I browse through the appliances on Abenson's
If there's one thing you need to add to your wardrobe this year aside from bodysuits and lingerie-inspired pieces, it's a corset. Originally worn as a body-cinching undergarment in 16th century Europe, it has made its
It comes in six different colors!
I can't imagine going a day without looking at my cellphone. TBH, it's basically my life right now, lol. But once upon a time, mobile phones didn't exist and we all started with telephones, or the "
These aren't the tumblers from your grade school days.
You probably know houseware brand Lock and Lock best for their tried-and-true food storage containers, which keep your meals and ingredients fresh whether stored in the fridge or packed for lunch on-the-go. In fact, over the years, Lock
They have Vizco's cakes and products from Good Shepherd and Mountain Maid.
Do you miss eating your favorite Baguio food? Old Baguio Café always offered all of the popular Baguio classics, pastries, and pasalubong items in their cozy space. Just in case you didn't know, Old Baguio Café is an existing café
And you can order it from this shop in Ilocos!
Do you want to go beyond the usual chocolates and flowers for your special someone this Valentine's Day? There are actually *so many* non-boring gift ideas to choose from (Read: Just A Few Sex Toys That'll Have
They're *super* cute!
Fact: You can never go wrong with white sneakers. They just check off all the boxes for us, TBH. But if you want to give them a rest and you're looking for something that won't compromise style and
A project that was made out of love.
If there's any fashion lesson Bridgerton has taught us, it's that corsets should be in your 2021 wardrobe. Cinched waists and pressed boobs are all the rage, thanks to the period Netflix series. But of course, since we&#
For a sexcellent night this Valentine's Day.
By now, you've probably been looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift and planning that Instagram post with just the right amount of mush. But have you thought of ways to make your night together *extra* fun? Why
Adding this to the list of things we didn't know we needed in our lives.
Unusual ice cream flavors are nothing new to us. Over the years, we've discovered soft-serve versions of Yakult, Indomie, Haw Haw, Chocnut, and even milk tea, but the latest one we spotted will blow your mind (and quite possibly