We want everything!
For some unexplained reason, Pinoys have been busy upgrading their spaces while in quarantine. The bedroom, sala, kitchen, and dining room all have simple to extravagant home improvement projects.One particular quarantine phenomenon we have noticed is the growth of Platitas and
You can have their affordable books delivered to your home.
Book lovers everywhere know that there's nothing better than being on your knees at your favorite Booksale branch, quietly thumbing through books, and finding a rare title for less than P100. While doing that for an extended period of time
There's one for every budget!
If you're one of the many who is obsessed with the comfort and style that bralettes give, you want a piece that you can still use after the quarantine period ends. Cost-per-wear is always important, right? Well, the
They've made a comeback!
Recently, we've noticed that anything that induces nostalgia is trendy again. Case in point: Tie-dye clothing and jewelry collections inspired by our old fave cartoon characters. And as we were scrolling through Instagram (as per usual), we noticed that
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Since the quarantine started, one way people have been keeping themselves busy is by redecorating their room with aesthetic finds. We've already written enough lists that tell where you can buy cute home decor, appliances, and plates and cups, so
Home brewers, bookmark this!
Since it's not ideal to chill in cafés yet, a growing population of Filipinos is turning into home-brewers. More are finding joy in making their own coffee-including myself. There is just something about the process of brewing
Inhale tacos, exhale negativity.
It is a travesty that not a lot of people are aware of how freaking good tacos are. Just the fact that there are so many options of tortilla-wrapped goodness is already exciting. And sure, you can always make your own
Perfect for people who are in love with this color!
Can't get enough of pink? We already showed you where you can shop pink gadget accessories and pink baking tools, but in case you were looking for more places where you can score pretty pink finds, we stumbled upon an
Another quarantine essential.
On August 15, 2020, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and other government agencies issued a memorandum stating that commuters on all modes of transportation and employees in offices are now required to wear face shields along with their masks. The two will
We want everything!
If you're a lot like us, then you probably spend most of your days in your PJs-because why the heck not, right? Especially if you've got cute pajama sets that look good enough to 'gram! In
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Lately, we found ourselves obsessing over handmade jewelry, such as dried flower resin accessories and polymer clay earrings. Knowing they're a ~labor of love~ that makes them extra special. Plus, they are super customizable so the design you have in
They have several branches in and around the metro.
Are you spending more time in the kitchen during the last five months of quarantine? You've probably noticed by now some items that need replacing or items you want to add to your kitchen. One of the known places where
Our favorite doughnut flavor just got even better!
When it comes to doughnuts, choco butternut is a no-fail flavor. Just a few bites of its chocolatey goodness immediately transports us back to the good ol' days! It has gone through a few iterations in recent years, and if
Iba talaga ang gawang Pinoy!
When we say native bags, we automatically think of those made of woven natural straw and fibers, almost like a banig-inspired. Today, locally-made bags feature different fabrics, materials, and shapes which all showcase the resources you can find in the
And pastel mugs and pans!
In case this treasure trove of affordable kitchen finds is a bit too far, here's something that might be a bit more accessible: Facebook page Wanderbites by Bobbie spotted another shopping spot that sells budget-friendly kitchen essentials that are
You might just find your new go-to here.
Maybe you feel like your current facial wash is no longer working for you, or maybe you're just bored with the same one you've been using for years, but since you clicked on this article, chances are, you're probably
Pan de sal earrings? Yes, please!
If you're into quirky accessories, you'll surely love ones made using polymer clay. Since they are handmade, you can ask for a specific (aka unusual) design to be made for you! They are also scene-stealers because they
Treat yourself.
If you've been wanting to redecorate your home, you can start small-by sprucing up your bed! Using pretty linens and adding accents to your ~snoozing~ zone may help you fall asleep faster. Bonus: Your bedroom will serve as a
A must-have in every bag!
Constantly disinfecting our things have become the norm now. And while wiping down your stuff with alcohol and tissue works, not all surfaces can be spritzed with chemicals. Also, using a UV sterilizer can reach small corners and crevices for your peace
For positive vibes!
With everything that's happening around us right now, it's easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. One easy and surefire way to relax your senses is by lighting a scented candle. They are infused with various essential oils like
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