Don't spend your beach trip worrying about counting calories!
Summer is almost here and the pressure to get the perfect bikini bod is starting. But don't worry because we know a pretty simple formula to help you achieve it. Step 1: wear a bikini...yup, that's it.
These products that will make you go 'Sana Oil!'
Haircare isn't just about selecting the right shampoo and conditioner. It also doesn't end with using a hair mask or getting a hair treatment each week. The cornerstone of great locks is to use products that will keep them healthy
Take a peek inside the minimalist-chic store!
Aesop fans, we know you've been waiting in anticipation since it was first announced that the world-famous Australian skincare shop would be opening a branch in Manila. Well, it looks like the day that you've been waiting
We finally have the answer!
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Crash Landing On You! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episode yet!Remember when Crash Landing On You fans investigated where Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) got the couple rings to make
You can get up to 64 percent off!
We'll just get straight to the point: Innovative Korean skincare brand SOME BY MI is having a *huge* sale on Lazada! From February 13 to 15, 2020, you can get up to 65 percent off on selected items, which includes
A must-have if you're traveling!
The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused everyone around the world to be extra conscious of their surroundings. Here in the Philippines, there have been reported cases, and the local government has declared a travel ban on China and its territories. Although CNN
A massage might be just what you both need.
There are a number of romantic spas in Manila for the perfect Valentine's Day retreat, whether you plan to go with a special someone or opt for a solo self-love day. More than just going out and getting chocolates,
We're predicting her MAC Maker lippies will fly off the shelves!
Maine Mendoza is back with MORE lippies for Pinays! She is once again a part of #MACMaker, the exclusive circle of influencers all over the world who have worked with MAC Cosmetics to create their own lipstick shade with their name on
You'll want everything!
We've got great news! Bershka released a BT21 capsule collection and we promise you'll want everything. The capsule collection features a printed hooded sweatshirt, a shirt, and a tote bag. Payday is almost here, and we think you
Who else here is obsessed with her style?
Confession: I'm one of the many Pinoys who are obsessed with Crash Landing On You. I remember binge-watching a few of its episodes on one random weekend, and I haven't slept since. Just kidding! As soon as
Don't let them bother you!
Ever gotten your ears assaulted by this low buzzing sound in the dark? And no matter how many times you swat away the offending bug, it still keeps coming back to haunt you. Not only is the sound of these flying little
Time to switch to a sunscreen that cares for both you and the environment!
Living in a tropical country has its benefits: The freedom to wear hubadera outfits all-year-round, an abundance of delicious fruits, and of course, easy access to the world's most beautiful beaches located throughout the whole archipelago.Speaking of
Blend your makeup to perfection with these babies!
When you're a makeup newbie, you're excited to buy products for your kikay kit but you find yourself lost when choosing the correct tools. You see 16- or 24-piece makeup brush sets in stores and think to
For that fresh and blooming glow!
Attention, fans of "fresh lang" MOTDs! We've got a bright idea: Why not give your lip and cheek tints and cream blushes a break and try a gel blush instead! This melts on the skin right away, so it'
Flash your pearly whites with pride.
Professional teeth whitening treatments are indeed effective, but these can be expensive and inconvenient. You have to shell out thousands of pesos, schedule an appointment, and brave through traffic with every visit. But if you'd rather save money and stay
They also revealed their go-to stylists!
Aside from finding the perfect haircut peg, looking for the best salon to make your hair dreams come true is a quest, too. To help you narrow down the search, we asked the girls from our Facebook group Cosmo Mixers (it'
As a skincare junkie, you respect the cardinal rule of *never* skipping SPF application. You are, however, caught with a dilemma by the time midday rolls around-the layer of protection underneath all your makeup is gone. You can't exactly
A worthy sweldo splurge!
It's already 2020, but we're all still crazy about Korean hairstyles. We just love how their tresses look soft and romantic! In the name of our K-beauty obsession, we researched and found out that Vodana curling irons
Your purple shampoo stash is just a click away.
If you consider hair care just as important as skincare, listen up: There's a new professional hair care shopping website in the Philippines, and it can get you all those A-grade stuff you can only find in salons. I&#
Yes, you can go for seconds.
Ah, the holiday season in Philippines-nothing quite like it. Have you mentally prepared for all of your titas asking you when you're going to get an S.O., how your job is going, or if you put on weight?
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