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Get these for a classic and elegant look!
To the untrained eye, white nail polish may seem a little bit of a snooze fest. Often worn by brides on their wedding day, white with its variety of shades can, in fact, be swiped onto nails whenever one damn pleases to.
You can do it!
Admit it, wearing all-white can be tricky. There's a risk of messing up your clothes. It's also wardrobe malfunction-prone. You might even reveal more than you intend to. Eeep!But it's time to let
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White will forever be a classic. Trust us, the last pieces you'll be throwing away for KonMari's sake will be your basic white staples. So you can never run out of ways to wear your whites, look no further and
Look effortlessly chic and coordinated.
70 percent of my wardrobe is composed of neutral basics I can easily mix and match with the remaining 30. Over time, however, I've noticed that the gamit na gamit items are always the black blazers and LBDs, while the
A little dedication (and a few smart hacks!) is all you need.
Whether you already have an all-white apartment or you're currently styling your space to have a colorless aesthetic, you probably have one very important question in mind: How do I keep my white home white?While there is no easy
Welcome to the Christian world, little Archie!
Most of Georgina Wilson's besties were present at her son's Christening in Tagaytay on Sunday morning. Three-month-old Archibald Francis Geoffrey Burnand-aka Archie/Baby Burnand-had a low-key all-white celebration at George's grandmother's church.
It perpetuates the discrimination that's been going on for centuries.
The Thais are criticizing an ad for a whitening pill. "Just being white, you will win," states Cris Horwang, a fair-skinned actress and endorser of Snowz, the product by Thai brand Seoul Secret. Without the pill, "the whiteness I have invested
Inspo from #OOTDs
You've already been schooled by the celebs on the many ways you can sport your white sneakers. On this week's batch of OOTDs, it's the social media savvy ladies' turn to show you how it's done. Below, see
Vampire jokes abound.
1. The tiniest blemish is magnified 100x. Your skin is so fair that when you do get any sort of discoloration (i.e., a zit), it's like placing it under a spotlight. Fun. 2. You can look chubby when you'
Embarrassed about your dark <i>singit</i>? We have a solution--seven, actually.
Let's face it, there's nothing more unsightly than embarrassingly dark areas, even more so when they're found in your nether region. To those who think their dark inner thighs are the bane of their existence, do not fear! Launch
<em>Fasyon</em> guests came clad mostly in their black and white best for fashion brand Mango’s 10th anniv. We asked them what color they like best.
This versatile actress shares with Cosmo some tips on dressing simply yet stylishly.
Cosmo stakes out the best gals in white at this cool anniversary bash, featuring Ministry of Sound.
We asked these immaculately-dressed gals: What WHITE item in your closet do you like wearing and why?