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He said that he was able to relate to the players' financial problems in the drama.
Squid Game paved the way for many rising stars to be recognized, like Wi Ha Joon who plays police officer Hwang Jun Ho. The record-breaking Netflix series earned him multiple ad deals, a strong following on Instagram, and more projects under
The original actor who played Hwang Jun Ho in the K-drama apparently liked his IG post!
This year's Halloween szn showcased the ~creativity~ of many celebs and a popular theme would be the hit Netflix series, Squid Game. Some wore the outfit of the creepy doll Younghee, while others channeled their inner player with a green
Catch his latest drama, 'Bad And Crazy,' this December!
If you're keeping up with streaming trends, then you've probably already watched everyone's fave survival drama, Squid Game. ICYMI, it now holds the record for Netflix's biggest debut with over 111 million views in just a few weeks.
Because we know you love them! *wink*
Confession time: I've been *so* obsessed with Squid Game in the past few weeks that I keep on singing "Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida" wherever I go, LOL. My TikTok feed is also full of all things Squid Game and I
He is so, so fine. *heart eyes*
Squid Game is currently number one on Netflix Philippines and we're definitely here for it! In case you're curious about this new Korean TV series, it tells the story of 456 participants who sign up to play a
Who else is hoping for a season two??
Have you ever seen a K-drama so disturbing that you end up watching some scenes with only one eye open? Because that's me whenever I watch an episode of Squid Game. The popular thriller is one intense show and
If he wins 45.6 billion won, Wi Ha Joon said that he'll set up a very luxurious gym!
For some reason, Wi Ha Joon has *officially* taken over our TikTok FYP and nope, we're definitely not complaining! He lights up the screen with his smile and his A+ acting had us ~researching~ for more info about him. And
The director behind it is known for his socially conscious works
And just like that, Squid Game is now the number one show on Netflix Philippines' Top 10! The psychological thriller had everyone gasping over the weekend with its horrifying plot and we're definitely adding it to our list of
New oppas alert!
There have been so many amazing shows recently, and with them come fresh faces with all the talent! Hello and welcome to a new *era* of K-drama oppas: Where we last saw him: Extracurricular (2020) Sure, we've seen Kim
We can't wait to see more of our fave *firefly*!
Rookie actor + everyone's favorite Hotel Del Luna *firefly* Lee Do Hyun will be starring in his first-ever drama, 18 Again! What makes things more exciting is that according to Soompi, the show will be a Korean adaptation of Zac