Celeb: Teresa Herrera. Bag: Rafe New York clutch. Number of items inside: seven. Find out what they are by viewing our gallery!
Models and A-listers came together last November 28 at Rustan's Makati to meet New York-based Pinoy handbag designer Rafé Totengco as he unveiled his 2013 Resort Collection. Those who attended proudly brought their Rafé New York minaudieres in all
View the supermodel's daily essentials in this exclusive gallery!
We caught up with fashion maven Apples Aberin-Sadhwani at AA Patawaran's Write Here Write Now book launch last November 21, looking stunning as the event's co-host along with fellow model Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez. The "Mom/PR Champ/
What we found: lots of pens, accessories, and wallets!
Cosmo spotted jewelry designer and supermodel Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez at AA Patawaran's Write Here Write Now book launch last November 21, looking gorgeous and effortless as usual.The TdLG boutique owner co-hosted the event together with fellow model Apples
Ever wondered what essentials you can fit into an evening bag? Nicole shares what's inside her clutch at the <i>Esquire</i> Ball.
Blogger and host Nicole Andersson is one of the few actresses who took a break from the colorful world of showbiz to focus on her studies. Talk about being fearless! In 2007, this kick-ass babe opted to set her goal in
We raided the bag of the <i>My Binondo Girl</i> star during her June 2012 Cosmo cover shoot. Find out what essentials she brought to the set!
Kim Chiu has come a long way since her Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition days. Over the years, the teenage girl who won over TV viewers nationwide has blossomed into a confident and mature woman with her own unique sense of style.
Don't miss this FIRST LOOK at our October 2011 cover girl's pretty, purple purse and her daily essentials found inside!
The photo shoot for our October cover was significant for two reasons: first, it was Angel Locsin's FIFTH cover shoot for Cosmopolitan Philippines; and second, we finally got her to reveal the answer to the age-old question out of which
The it-girl lets us peer inside her rugged-looking shoulder bag, which contains the basic products a model needs to get by at a fashion shoot.
You see statuesque models on the fashion pages of Cosmo in every issue, but it's not every month that we really try to get to know the lovely ladies who don the trendy clothes. Mia Ayesa is an exception. We've
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