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Still dateless for V-Day? Or do you just want to meet this <i>PBB</i> hottie? Log on to Cosmo Chat on February 10, 7PM, and he just might ask you out!
We started started your 2011 on a hot, high note by bringing you Paul Jake Castillo as our January Cosmo Online Hunk. We spent the first month of the year trying to get to know him better, learning his preference in girls,
One lucky girl spends an unforgettable romantic night with the hot Cosmo Centerfold. Look in on their date!
Yes, Cosmo girls. Pushing your luck can get you this far. Mabel Yu doesn't watch TV often, so she isn't very familiar with the newest local celebrities. But since she's an avid user, she is able to reader Mabel Yu learned about the dating promo--and about Rocco!--on the Cosmo website. The certified Cosmo hunk turned out to be a fun date!
Cosmo reader MJ Ong never thought she'd be the lucky girl who would go on a dinner date with hot Centerfold Fabio Ide. Watch how it went!
This lucky med student never expected she'd be having a romantic dinner date with the hunky Centerfold! Check out the photos!
Melissa Joy "MJ" Ong, a 21-year-old med student, had absolutely no idea that Cosmo Centerfold Fabio Ide was going to be at Guess in SM Megamall with 2009 Centerfold Daniel Matsunaga when she decided to go shopping one Saturday afternoon.
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