We understand that not everyone likes wine right away.
We know that wine has a certain reputation; some people think only "fancy" people drink it. And we also understand that not everyone likes wine right away. But if you want to take baby steps to appreciating wine, we suggest trying these
*Drinks two more glasses of wine.*
Every time I read a story about someone who's lived to be 100 and then some, I immediately take stock of my own life and think, "What do I need to change to get there too?" But after hearing Florence Bearse'
You had me at Merlot.
Though it's not advisable to consume alcohol in large amounts, most of us can attest to its many perks; after all, they don't call it "liquid courage" for no reason. Plus, a glass of wine can feel like the best
You need to divorce chardonnay and switch to pinot noir immediately.
You may think that wine is the elixir of life, but the truth is that booze can increase your risk of certain cancers because-???? science lesson????-alcohol creates a carcinogenic byproduct when it's metabolized.But experts hadn't linked alcohol to
It's a little weird, but we're into it.
Go ahead and add Yunessun Spa Resort to your bucket list! This spa-themed park in Hakone, Japan offers a unique and quirky experience. Not only does it have water rides and video games, it also lets you soak in coffee, tea,
And it takes just 30 seconds.
We love cheap wine. It's good for the wallet and often tastes just as nice as the pricier stuff. However, if you've got friends coming over and you want the vino to taste vintage (read: more expensive), there's a
Looking to shed a few pounds? According to science, some nighttime wine might just be the solution.A study out of Washington State University from July 2015 showed that wine and weight loss go hand-in-hand, thanks to a substance called
Wine not?
If you're not a fan of red or white or even pink wine, maybe you should try Gik's blue wine! Gik, a Spanish entrepreneurial winemaker, had a soft (online) launch of their sweet, electric blue wine last year, but is
Just as long as you keep it moderate.
Not a day goes by when we're not told different information alcohol. First, it's that red wine keeps the heart healthy; then, it's how even light drinking can cause cancer.But before you feel guilty about taking a sip
You might want to put down that glass first.
There's no shame in loving a budget bottle of wine, but drinking it could impact your health. Popular, budget-friendly wines brands like Charles Shaw, Menage à Trois, and Franzia can contain up to five times the maximum amount of arsenic deemed
Here's to hoping you're one of them.
Chances are you've heard that drinking wine in moderation can promote heart health. (And except for the moderation thing, this is not a hard sell.) But a recent study conducted by researchers at University of Gothenburg in Sweden suggests the benefits
They had it all wrong before this.
You've probably heard that red wine is good for you thanks to a compound it contains called resveratrol, which can promote longevity and a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses, according to previous research. While that seems
It's the ultimate ladies comfort food!
Instead of choosing between wine or ice cream to drown your sorrows, why not combine both? We are totally digging this new invention: wine ice cream! According to the New York-based wine ice cream shop Mercer's, their products are not
Raise your glass!
1. It contains antioxidants. According to mayoclinic.org, red wine has antioxidants called polyphenols which help protect your heart. Reservatrol in particular helps prevent damage to blood vessels and reduces the bad cholesterols in your body. An awesome first step to wellness,
Tips to remember when ordering wine.
Remember these pointers when ordering wine:1. Taste it first. Before ordering a bottle, have your waiter or sommelier bring the bottle to your table unopened, then have him pour a small amount for you to taste. There's nothing wrong with
We give you the scoop on the best wines to get your girlfriends, boyfriend, and guests this party season.
Good wine is a vital part of the holiday season. The perfect bottle can liven up a party, bring friends together, and even enhance the romance between two people. This Christmas, we recommend checking out the different offerings of a local winemaker
Impress your friends by serving one or more of these good red, white, and sparkling wines on your holiday events.
When taken in moderation, alcohol can be a great social lubricant. It makes us more talkative, friendly, and outgoing. But, while we all love the way beers and cocktails make us loosen up and have fun, there's something about drinking wine
Get your man to indulge your desire for a romantic date. You'll enjoy the whole production--and you'll BOTH love the wine.
If you and your man have been a couple for quite some time, chances are, you go to the usual places for your dates--and do pretty much the same thing. Dinner at Greenbelt, movie after, then coffee at Starbucks--sounds familiar?
If you avoided V-day rush and postponed your date for this week, or if you feel like celebrating Valentine's some more, try this food and wine treat!
It's easy to associate wine with romance, especially this season of hearts. However, unless you're a wine connoisseur, you probably don't know which vintage will go best with your dish on that dinner date with your
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