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Your. Hair. Gets. Everywhere.
This is a beautiful sex position. It's got something for everyone. And yet, as with anything else, it has its share of problems. If he ever seems less-than-enthused about you getting on top, these reasons might be why.1.
Turns out guys love cowgirl-style just as much as women do! Learn why it works and what you can do to max out your pleasure.
Ask a guy point-blank what does it for him in bed and he's likely to respond "Uh...everything." To demystify that answer, we conducted a massive sex poll aimed at drawing out the dirtiest thoughts of thousands of guys. Among
Find out which sex positions will "hit the spot," and learn a trick that will give you ultimate bliss!
1. Woman-on-topThink about it: When you're facing your guy yet leaning back at a slight angle, his penis naturally rests against your upper vaginal wall, and even the slightest thrusting means he can easily stimulate your G. Plus, being
You on top? Now that's a position wildly popular with the males. Real guys talk about why they love it when you take control.
While men pride themselves on being animals under the sheets, sometimes they just want let you work it. Real guys dish the take-charge moves that make their heads spin.
Men really get off on bringing you ultimate bliss. Then again, sometimes they just want to lie back, enjoy, and have you take care of everything for them. �But they think that if they come right out and ask you to focus