It's also our favorite F word. ;)
Despite all the haters, the feminist movement has been alive and well for decades. But with the rise of social media, women's voices are louder than ever, which is why we're elated to find out that "Feminism" is
Do you know every word on this list?
Every day, we evolve and come up with new ways to express ourselves. You probably use "selfie" and "hangry" on a daily basis, but can you believe that 15 years ago, these words didn't exist? Here's a list of words
'Gigil' is one of them.
Love can take many forms. Some like big, flashy declarations and proposals, while others prefer a more low-key or intimate approach. Even though love is a universal concept, it has multiple expressions. Expedia's "The Language of Love" illustrations are perfect
There's no doubt that after an eventful (and exhausting) 2016, Taylor Swift has been cruising under the radar. But wherever she is and whatever she's doing, we are so sure that she is low-key loving the fact that both "
Don't worry, guys. 2016 is almost over.
It's been one hell of a year. A lot of the things we never thought would happen-the stuff of nightmares, really-have happened.Many of those unbelievable moments raised a lot of questions, curiosity, and fear among thousands of people.
Millennial women have a 'more relaxed attitude to swearing' than previous generations.
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