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Easy, breezy.
We know, we know: It's pretty hard to sit at your desk and focus on work after all those weeks of escaping to beaches all over the country. In the meantime, while you log in hours at the office to save
That is, every single day.
When it comes to dressing for the heat, we Filipinas have perfected the equation. Barely there top? Check. Short shorts? Definitely. A lightweight dress when we're tamad? Duh.But what if you have to be more polished than that? Your tattered
Nothing childish about these outfits.
Fashion has been smitten with the color pink for quite some time now, but we can all probably agree that wearing it IRL is a completely different story. We've always associated pink with little girls, which somehow makes it a challenge
A good outfit probably won't make you better at your job, but it can change the way your coworkers and supervisors perceive you, and that is huge!
It would be wonderful to live in a world where the quality of your work was the only contributing factor in your career success, but unfortunately you don't. For better or worse, judgments are influenced by appearance. Often heavily.Now, you