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The good *and* the bad.
Aside from writing articles and coordinating with talents, part of my job is also to handle our team's Instagram account. I post IG stories, reply to comments from our followers, and upload social posts. One of the tools that'
It's all about letting them know your priorities.
Q: My company has been trying to cope with the pandemic and unfortunately, that meant letting go of some employees just to stay afloat. Hindi nawala yung workload na 'yon, na-distribute lang sa mga natira. And with all the changes
Here are useful tips on how to *finally* set boundaries at work.
Q: Lately, I've been feeling super overworked. Parang wala na kong ginagawa kundi mag-trabaho. Nahirapan talaga ako mag-adjust sa work-from-home setup namin pero I feel like yung main reason is parang wala na talagang difference between
The key is to think about it as a conversation, instead.
Q: In my everyday life, I try my best to avoid confrontations-at home, but especially at work. Heated arguments stress me out and I'm worried about accidentally saying something offensive. What if they take it personally, 'di ba?
Your employer needs to help out, too.
It's not too much of a conjecture to say that everyone has been under pressure in one form or another in 2020. Many events have turned the world upside down, with COVID-19 being at the forefront of it all.
A super useful purchase!
Typhoon Ulysses officially made landfall in the evening of November 11, and households in affected areas are still suffering from heavy floods and power outages. For future emergencies, we put together a list of lightweight yet powerful portable charging devices that will
Monday: It doesn't have to be the worst.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I foolishly thought, hey, now that I'm working from home and no longer have to commute to the office, maybe Mondays wouldn't feel as shitty. Instead of dragging my feet to the
Everyone deserves a break—especially now.
Before the pandemic, whenever you took a vacation leave from work, it was usually because you were about to go on a road trip or fly off to a different country. Obviously, that's not exactly the best idea right now,
If you're anything like us, you probably link everything back to your star sign. Whether it's the way you should decorate your home to what you're like in a relationship-if there's a zodiac-
Know what's yours by law.
A lot of careers have been cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have suffered and employees have been laid off, and unfortunately, the trend doesn't seem to show signs of abating. In fact, a recent SWS report
An RT-PCR Test is required once every four weeks or every quarter.
The labor and trade departments have released a list of "priority" workers who need to undergo RT-PCR or swab tests for COVID-19, as Metro Manila and its suburbs return to GCQ with fewer restrictions.Employers are "encouraged to collaborate" with
10 Pinays share how they deal with the stress.
Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to live within new measures meant to keep everyone safe. And for many, this involves a work-from-home setup. It didn't seem like the worst thing in the world because
Slowly, step away from your phone.
Working from home is a necessity-and in some ways, a privilege. But if this set-up is something you didn't anticipate, you probably didn't have enough time to adjust to this new work environment. And even if
It's okay to take it slow.
Staying home means finally having the time to work on the things we've been putting off "till next time". Now that we're spending more time indoors, it's easy to expect ourselves to launch a passion project
This is an *important* question that came up after the president's speech.
How will the Metro Manila community quarantine, which starts on March 15, affect workers who live outside the metro? Cabinet members have different answers to one of the questions that came up after Pres. Rodrigo Duterte addressed the nation last night, March
It's an 'option' that a task force is studying at the moment.
Amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) threat, a four-day workweek in certain government offices is an "option" that the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease is looking into. Cabinet Sec. Karlo Nograles said it's one
Are you stressing yourself out?
When you do your job, there will always be a part of you that gets quite involved. And it's not a bad thing-concern for what you do is important since it can motivate you to push for success.As
Go and get a massage, you deserve it!
Uyyy, congrats! You managed to survive yet another long work week!It's the weekend aka the perfect time to recharge and unwind kasi deserve mo mag-relax. What better way to do so than by asking someone with ~*magic hands*~ to
A study revealed that 99 percent of employees are distracted some of the time in the office. 
Nothing sucks more than being *super* focused at work, only to be distracted by maingay officemates who are laughing three desks away. Admit it: Noise is a real problem at work-especially if your office has transformed your desks into an open,