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Your gymfies will be worthy of double taps.
December is already knocking on our doors and this only means one thing: PARTIES! We're all bound to attend at least five this season, and the festivities are not exactly the best thing when your waistline is concerned. What you need
You really have no reason not to hit the pavement.
If there's one thing that really, truly motivates women to get active-aside from a super hot body, of course-it's the prospect of buying new fitness gear. Call it superficial, but it's true! Stylish clothes are a guaranteed
Gotta love the '80s!
YouTube/ModeThe beginning of the year is a time when most people are motivated to finally-finally!-work on that beach body they've been dreaming of since, well, forever. And while it's tempting to hit the gym in a selection
Get the most out of your fitness clothes, even when you're not working out.
New workout clothes are a great way to motivate yourself to get off your butt and into the gym, but still, it can be hard to justify dropping serious money on clothes you're only ever going to be seen in at
Who says you can't be chic in gym clothes? Workout in style and grab the attention of that gym hottie. Go from workout to a day out with friends in <em>fasyon </em>activewear finds.