Here's her abs workout routine.
In her latest vlog, Erich Gonzales shares her abs workout with trainer Ferdie Laforteza aka Coach Flex. Her routine includes leg raises, crunches, and mountain climbers. She does everything in real time, and you can totally relate to her struggle to finish
Find your workout buddy!
If you follow Anne Curtis and Isabelle Daza on Instagram, you know how intense their individual and buddy workouts can be. Now, Isabelle has shared their typical routine with trainer Arnold Aninion, so you can do it with your workout buddies, too!
How to be a body peg 101—push, Anne!
Prior to leaving for her concert tour in Canada, Anne Curtis managed to squeeze in a workout to get ready for her show. Fan account annecurtis008 shared a series of private footage of Anne's intense workout from the star herself, and
The actress releases a new fitness video on her vlog, Senorita Jessy Is In Love.
In a new vlog episode titled "Señorita Jessy Is In Love With Fitness," Jessy Mendiola shares her go-to workout routine when she's traveling. For the high-intensity workout, all you need are resistance bands, gloves, and your hotel room
Carrie Bradshaw was wrong: Shopping shouldn't be your cardio.
If you're like me and you can no longer justify a gym membership you can barely afford, bookmark this 30-minute cardio workout by POPSUGAR. All you need are workout clothes and the will to live because this isn'
Ready to work every single muscle in your body? Let's go!
If you're looking for a full-body workout without feeling like death the entire time, give aerial hoop a chance. In your first class, you'll learn how to get up and down the hoop, but you'll also master beautiful
Own your body, have fun, and love yourself.
Have you always wanted to try pole dancing? If the stigma is all that's stopping you, believe it or not, pole dancing can actually be empowering. Here are some moves you can expect to learn during your first class: You may
Cardio + strength-training!
If you're looking to change your gym routine a little bit (to more than just cardio), we recommend introducing kettlebell exercises into the mix. Don't worry, it's not as ~intense~ as lifting barbells. You'll definitely feel the burn,
We should be in the gym right now.
Erich Gonzales has been making headlines for her new killer body-specifically her super ripped abs! You'll definitely want to hit the gym after watching her in this vid.VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram.
Got achy knees? Try these five moves!
Whether you're healing from a knee injury or just wanting to strengthen the muscles around the joint, these five moves are ~perfect~ for you, especially if you're new to working out:*Consult your doctor first. VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteSpecial
Let's whip your butt into shape.
Sitting down for hours on end is seriously bad for your health. In fact, some companies tell their employees to take 20-minute breaks throughout the day to walk around. If you want to take it up a notch, however, that's
Get strong, toned arms!
When it comes to fitness, we each have our individual goals. While others might prioritize strength, there are definitely women who need to see exterior results before they feel better inside. Because we know that one insecurity many Pinays have is arm
You can ~totally~ do this.
Even a busy girl like Kendall Jenner knows how important it is to squeeze in a workout on the daily. Her go-to routine hits all the right spots and is only 11 minutes long, so say goodbye to all your excuses.
Burn fat and build muscle at the same time.
Pinays have this perplexing aversion to any form of exercise that isn't cardio. There's this notion that if you lift weights, you'll be "too bulky" or you'll "look like a man." Wrong. You know what will happen though?
Tandem exercises for you and bae!
Even the fittest, most dedicated person needs a little push (and extra motivation) sometimes-power couple Patricia Ramos and Mico Resurreccion can attest to that. That's why we turned to this fit duo to help us with some workouts that you
Yoga not for you? How about doga?
There's a growing number of alternative yoga classes in the US. While these may raise the eyebrows of traditional yoginis, a lot of students swear by them. Which one of these do you think should be brought to Manila, CGs?1.
Stretch and feel the burn.
Let's get one thing clear: Yoga isn't just about meditation (although that's an essential part of the exercise). The amazing thing about yoga is that once you've mastered the flow of a routine, you can actually work up
No need for fancy equipment!
Scenario: Your alarm clock didn't go off, and you no longer have enough time to hit the gym.Scenario: Your schedule's packed, and you just need a set of last-minute exercises.Scenario: You're too lazy to go to
Tackle this workout together!
Unless you're a gym rat or a health junkie, motivating yourself to exercise is next to impossible sometimes. With our busy schedules, it's easy to make excuses to avoid the grind. But when you're working out with a partner,
Just make sure not to fall asleep right after!
Girls, this is about as easy and effortless as you can get. This quick workout video by Self Magazine will guide you through the cheapest, most convenient, most relaxed exercise routine of your life-for those days when you don't want
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