Just in time for summer!
Core body strength is key for so many things; balance, posture and-a particularly popular one-building abs. The plank is probably the first move you think of when you want to do abdominal strengthening in the gym, because it forces you
Get everything you can out of your workout sessions!
Getting yourself to the gym is half the battle. The other half is making your time there count. And while, as a general rule, any exercise is good exercise, if you want to ensure your workouts are of optimum effectiveness then a
Once you #trainBLACK, you’ll never go back.
For some people, working out can be really daunting. For others, it can be that one thing that makes them get up in the morning. We personally don't have super active lifestyles, so we wanted something challenging but not deadly.
Here's her abs workout routine.
In her latest vlog, Erich Gonzales shares her abs workout with trainer Ferdie Laforteza aka Coach Flex. Her routine includes leg raises, crunches, and mountain climbers. She does everything in real time, and you can totally relate to her struggle to finish
Our hearts are full of love, sweat, and gratitude!
You've probably seen the pics on Instagram: A dark room, laser lights, and sweaty people on stationary bikes. It's like a Friday night party minus the alcohol, where everyone moves to the beat of the music while being
She and Isabelle Daza asked their trainer to 'be kind to us' that day.
Another day, another Anne Curtis workout video-but this time, she's getting real about what it's really like when she's "tired as hell." On Instagram Stories, the actress opens up about exercising with Isabelle Daza on an off day.
Jessy talked about finding the right workout that suits you.
In her latest vlog published on May 2, Jessy Mendiola opened up about her weight loss journey.The actress revealed that her weight issues began in 2016. She said, "That time, I felt so strong, I was really active." There was even
Find your workout buddy!
If you follow Anne Curtis and Isabelle Daza on Instagram, you know how intense their individual and buddy workouts can be. Now, Isabelle has shared their typical routine with trainer Arnold Aninion, so you can do it with your workout buddies, too!
We know exercise can improve mental health, but some can be more effective than others.
When you've got depression, getting out of bed can feel hard enough. But conversely, exercise is actually an incredibly useful tool to help combat some of the symptoms."When you exercise you release 'feel good' hormones called endorphins
Four effective ways to focus on shifting fat before you start to tone.
Christmas is great and everything, but then you wake up on January 1st with the crushing realization your jeans don't fit and you can't even comfort eat to cheer yourself up. But let's be honest here:
If you want them to last, you'll have to put the work in.
Seeing endless women with abs on your Instagram feed eventually takes a toll. Namely, it makes you want to get them too. But building abs isn't easy work-not if you want them to last, anyway.Because there's
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