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Make your workspace look extra pretty!
Ever since our company transitioned to a work from home setup, I've made an effort to redecorate my room and create a workspace that I'll love. Since it's an area where I spend most of my
'I *love* organizing and it's such a game changer! It gets things done.'
Decluttering, organizing, and basically getting your life together isn't always easy. But hey, the good news is it can be done. Small actions can already go a long way (like plotting events on calendars and listing important to-dos on
She said it's currently her favorite place in her entire house.
Whenever I have free time, one of the things I like to do is watch home improvement videos. I'm always so amazed at how a simple room can ~transform~ into a beautiful space. Most of the time, after watching these
Definitely adding this to my online shopping cart!
Depending on my mood, there are times when I'm extra motivated to do physical activities just to kill boredom. Sometimes, I like to ride my indoor cycling bike or even go out for walks around my neighborhood (while wearing my
Add a pop of color to your home office!
There's something seriously addicting about sprucing up your home office-perhaps because it's easier to justify purchasing items that might actually improve your productivity. Whether it's investing in brand-new work desks, seat cushions, or gadgets,
Time to take down some notes!
COVID-19 has definitely changed a lot of things in our daily life-this includes transforming your personal space into a makeshift office if your company enforced a WFH setup. Because of this, it may be hard to ~get in the zone~