'There was a time when I agreed to P40 to P50 for a 500-word article.'
When I tell people I write for a living, I get mixed reactions-usually, though, there's awkward laughter. A lot of people think that what I choose to do professionally isn't a realistic way to make money.I grew up
She's officially a model/actress/author. Keep the slashes coming!
Cara Delevingne already has a good thing going as a model/actress, otherwise known as a slashie if you've seen Zoolander. But she's about to add one more career to her job title: author. On Tuesday, Cara announced she's
Pretty much. The benefits are difficult to pass up.
There are only a handful of people left now who literally pen things. JK Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter series on napkins, is one of them. Writing things by hand seems very out of place especially because of today's technology.
"People tell me I look like James Franco."
Anne Thériault, a writer from Toronto, happened to be a witness to what was probably one of the worst dates in the history of romance and the results are pretty hilarious. Thériault told Mashable she decided to document the date
We recognize this Palanca Award winner in our list of 15 Fun, Fearless Females for 2012. View outtakes from our shoot with the literary wonder!
We know that Cosmo girls are avid readers--especially when it comes to summer reads, chicklit, and relationship-themed books--but how many of you are fans of poetry? It may not be as popular as other forms of literature, but there'
The Dream King himself tells Cosmo about pursuing your passions and what it takes to be a writer—or anything else you want to be.
With reports from Sam EchavezAll three times bestselling author Neil Gaiman has visited the Philippines, he's been met with a reception worthy of a rock star. Hundreds of people line up for hours for the chance to have some of
From former beauty ed to dishwasher? Our blogger lists the practical reasons she fancies doing the latter.
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