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TBH, we're not yet done with our obsession with beaded accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and even face mask straps. In fact, it has even evolved to include phone straps! Yup, the wrist straps from the early 2000s are super uso
Experimentation is key.
Gone are the days of fashion aesthetics being just limited to Y2K, emo or scene, and preppy. Thanks to the surge in popularity of TikTok, we were introduced to light AND dark academia, soft girl, cottagecore, indie girl, and a whole lot
Time to dress like the early aughts!
Fashion has a ~cyclical~ nature. While there are some trends we're glad aren't going to be making a comeback anytime soon (looking at you, low-waist jeans and wedge sneakers), there is one particular trend that is popular
Time to add to cart and check out!
Sound the alarms: Our favorite Gen Z bb Ashley Garcia just uploaded a new YouTube video a few days ago! As soon as we saw the words "bag haul" in the title, we knew we had to watch it. In there, Ashley
Think dELiA*s fashion catalog, but make it 2021!
We don't know about you. but we're so glad that Y2K trends are becoming ~fashionable~ again. From clay rings to chunky sandals and beaded accessories, we're pumped that the style of the early aughts is making
One of the things you have to know about me is that I love the ~*aesthetic*~ of the early 2000s. Despite being a child during that time (LOL), I've consumed enough content as I grew older to know what was