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He’s the second member to complete military training.
Welcome back, Key: We'll get to see more of this talented K-pop idol once he's discharged from the military on October 7! SHAWOLS, YOU WILL LOVE THIS: This Pinay Fangirl Tells Us Why She Joined The SHINee WorldIn a
You'll be *obsessed* in no time.
Red Velvet is without a doubt one of the most accomplished and well-loved K-pop girl groups to date. They've released a slew of bangers and bops and stun audiences with their live performances-their vocals and choreography are
Mukhang blooming!
Blush has a ~*magical*~ way of making you look extra cute! One swipe of rosy blush creates a romantic, ethereal effect. Peach and coral, on the other hand, produce a sun-kissed flush. Simply put, adding color to your cheeks is the
This maknae is stylish in her own right.
Kim Ye Rim, more popularly known by her stage name Yeri, is the vocalist and rapper of Red Velvet. Other than being the maknae of the K-pop girl group, she is also the ~newest~ addition, as she was introduced in 2015,
Ultimate fangirl moment!
Ariana Grande and Red Velvet's Yeri just had the cutest interaction on Instagram.Ariana, who's been busy preparing for her performance at the 62nd Grammys, happened to spot BTS during one of her rehearsals and posted a photo
Aigoo! Your list of girl crushes is about to get a lot longer.
K-pop (or Korean pop music) groups have been taking the world by storm since the early 2000s and they won't be slowing down anytime soon. The hard work and training that idols go through, the production value of their