Take your pick!
This is for everyone out there who's wasted money on gym memberships only to realize that hey, you don't have the energy to go enough times to justify that giant expense. Taking different workout classes might be a
It's a combination of ballet, yoga, and Pilates.
There are three things I absolutely hate about exercising: I get bored easily, so I don't enjoy repetitive workouts. Running 30 minutes on a treadmill? No thanks! Following a sequence in circuit training? Pass! I also don't like being sweaty.
Try this at home.
Most people attribute back pain to strenuous activity or old age, but did you know that what you eat and how you sleep greatly contribute to your back issues? And if you've ever experienced this, then you know it's not
Om, bros. Om.
Do you have a male friend or significant other who thinks that yoga is lame, wimpy, or too "girly?" Would you like to prove him wrong?Challenge him to Broga, a yoga-based fitness class that was programmed for guys, but open
It's not going to be ~zen~.
I'm always in awe of every single yogi out there-man or woman. I dream of being able to balance on my hands and actually feel peace, not pain. But despite being known for bringing relaxation, yoga is fucking hard...especially
It's actually a great workout!
To the untrained eye, yoga seems like an extreme sport. All the twists, splits, and balancing that certain positions require look borderline dangerous. That doesn't stop us from wanting to try it, though! People who do yoga make the ~zen~ life
Yoga not for you? How about doga?
There's a growing number of alternative yoga classes in the US. While these may raise the eyebrows of traditional yoginis, a lot of students swear by them. Which one of these do you think should be brought to Manila, CGs?1.
Stretch and feel the burn.
Let's get one thing clear: Yoga isn't just about meditation (although that's an essential part of the exercise). The amazing thing about yoga is that once you've mastered the flow of a routine, you can actually work up
Perfect for beginner yogis!
There is arguably no one better at teaching yoga than Adrienne Mishler (of Yoga With Adrienne, duh). And this is because she makes yoga so accessible to people in different learning levels. Her lessons are very encouraging, allowing those who are insecure
Yogis Dana Falsetti, Valerie Sagan, and Jessamyn Stanley are fit, flexible, and yes, fat.
As a society, we describe fat people as "lazy," "unhealthy," "weak," and "ugly." Fat people get shit like, "Na-try mo na bang mag-exercise?" or "Huwag ka na kasing mag-kanin." So it's always satisfying when women like Dana Falsetti,
No more excuses!
1. You don't have to worry about a broken nail, busted knuckles, and scraped knees. Yoga is an exercise that leaves you feeling energized, not beaten up.2. Yoga clothes don't take up much space (no shoes required!) so you
You’ll want to up your practice after reading this.
We all know yoga is good for us, but have you ever wondered what all those Downward Dogs are actually doing for you? We asked Cameron Shayne, yoga teacher to the stars (including Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston), to give us the
Yoga is actually not expensive.
1. Myth: You have to be flexible to do yoga.Fact: "Yoga is not just about touching your toes or turning your body into a pretzel," said Nikki Torres, Beyond Yoga teacher and blogger at prettydarnfit.com. "It's what you learn
Here's why it's good to get some om into your life. Namaste and you're welcome.
1. It trains you to chill out.Even just a few sun salutations or a five-minute seated meditation, when done consistently, yoga can do wonders for your peace of mind. Practicing yoga helps bring you into the present-where all that
Looking for a new hobby?
Has a pain in your back suddenly presented itself with no warning? Or, are you finding it almost impossible to focus in the office without your morning coffee? Do you still feel last night's dinner heavy in your gut? If your
New research settles it once and for all.
Most people don't count yoga as cardio. But there's good news for people who'd rather stretch than sprint: A new review of existing research suggests that yoga could protect your body from cardiovascular disease and metabolic risk factors (i.
Not sure if liberating or creepy.
Who wants to work out without their clothes on in a room full of strangers? Believe it or not, there's a studio in New York City that offers just that: nude, co-ed yoga classes. Bold & Naked studio aims to provide
This will definitely brighten up your day.
We've seen our fair share of super cute Instagram accounts (remember Theo and Beau?), but this heart-warming collection of photographs of a mother and her pre-school daughter doing yoga together is one of our new faves! Laura Kasperbak is
Who would've thought? Emma'a a Board 2 Certified Yoga Instructor!
Emma Watson is looking forward to pursuing interests such as yoga and art once her studies are complete.The 23-year-old actress is close to completing her degree in English Literature and is looking forward to using her free time to
All proceeds from these classes will go to the Typhoon Yolanda Rehabilitation and Relief Fund.
ECHOyoga Shala invites you to join Teresa Hererra's Yoga Dance Trance, a fundraising class, on Saturday, January 11, 2014 from 4:00p.m.-5:30p.m. Yoga Dance Trance classes will be available every Saturday morning for the rest of the
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