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It's not as gross as you think.
If you eat Greek yogurt, you've probably been grossed out by the mysterious liquid you see settled on top when you first open a new yogurt container up.You might avoid looking at it, mixing it in with the rest of
This is not a joke.
So if there are semen-based recipes, why can't people make food products out of lady juice, too? That was the question posted by Janey Jay and her friend Cecilia Westbrook, an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Watching your weight but can't resist sweets? Grab fro-yo from this Hollywood fave that opened its first Asian branch in Greenbelt!
The popular frozen yogurt shop in West Hollywood, California--which has famous fans like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel Zoe, and more--chose Manila as the location of their first branch in Asia! Pinkberry, which opened in Greenbelt 5 last
Treat yourself and your college <em>barkada </em>to gelato and flavored frozen yogurt in these dessert places at The Fort!
Summer's over and school just began. What's a fun-loving college Cosmo chick to do? Well, you could scope out new hang out places with your old (or new-found) barkada and go on a food trip! We&#
<em>Praning</em> about down-there scares? Cosmo clues you in on the right way to care for your <em>vajayjay.</em>
Are you and the gals in the mood for continental, Japanese, or Thai? Cosmo serves the most delectable picks from Eastwood Mall.