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'They said it was cute.'
You guys, Yoon Chan Young just revealed something major about one of his scenes in Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead.The South Korean actor, who plays Lee Cheong San in the series, recently shared that his kiss with Park
Warning: Major spoiler alert!
Everyone's going crazy about the latest Netflix hit, All Of Us Are Dead! If you loved Train To Busan, you're in for one gut-wrenching treat with this new zombie outbreak-themed Korean series. High school students fight for
The series will have you rooting for the characters to survive.
For someone who doesn't really like horror or gore, I surprisingly find myself gravitating towards some of the zombie-themed content that comes from South Korea. I think it started in 2016, when my friends and I watched Train To Busan
Here’s what to add to your watch list if you want more of Chan Young!
There's a new zombie-themed K-drama hitting the top of the Netflix Top 10 list recently. All Of Us Are Dead is a series that revolves around high school students who have to fend for themselves when a zombie apocalypse
This Netflix drama is an emotional roller-coaster ride.
It's been a year since I enjoyed a K-drama to the point that I let it consume my life 24/7. So when I discovered another gem-All Of Us Are Dead-, I ~promoted~ it to my close friends
All of us are *in love* with them!
ICYMI, *everyone* is talking about All Of Us Are Dead right now! The Netflix original Korean series took the world by storm and made a strong debut on the global charts thanks to its refreshing take on the zombie genre. Set in
Yoon Chan Young, who plays Cheong San, messaged her previously, too!
You guys, another All Of Us Are Dead actor has noticed Francine Diaz!Ham Sung Min, who plays Han Gyeong Su, the best friend of Lee Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young) in the series, just followed Francine on IG. OMG!The 18-
It's definitely worth the wait!
Producing a K-drama is no easy task, especially when it features hundreds of actors and the storyline requires detailed preparations. Case in point: Netflix's latest series, All Of Us Are Dead. In April 2020, the streaming platform announced a
Bati na sila, LOL!
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for All Of Us Are Dead! Don't read if you haven't seen the drama yet.BRB, adding Yoon Chan Young and Yoo In Soo to our ~growing list~ of Korean celebrity friendships! But unlike
Lucky girl!
You guys, Francine Diaz just received a virtual wave from All Of Us Are Dead star Yoon Chan Young. OMG!The 18-year-old actress took to IG Stories to share proof of Chan Young's message, which she reacted to
This Netflix drama continues to impress us EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
The year has just started but we'd already like to put All Of Us Are Dead in our list of the best K-dramas of 2022. The immersive plot about the survival of high school students during a zombie outbreak
There's no doubt that All Of Us Are Dead is Netflix's latest hit drama and there's data to prove that: A few days after its release, the zombie series has already reached the top spot on
Lee Yoo Mi made our blood boil with her role!
In just a day after its release, All Of Us Are Dead has already climbed the number one spot on Netflix's Top 10 in the Philippines! It has also trended on social media. This only means that a lot of
We can't wait to see the popular webtoon come to life!
You've probably seen a lot of zombie dramas and films but hear us out-All Of Us Are Dead is different. From what we've seen in its official trailer, the characters are mostly students who can't