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As it turns out, envy is your secret weapon for scoring just about anything. Find out how to turn jealousy into reductive energy that'll give you what you want.
A co-worker saunters down the hall with the LV bag you've been eyeing. Your sister gets sent to London for a six-week consulting stint. Your friend shows up at happy hour with her so-hot-he-should-be-illegal
Are the things we're <i>dyahe</i> about really as <i>nakakahiya</i> as we think? Here, stuff you should stop being ashamed of.
1. Ang boyfriend mong baduyIn real life, we don't always fall for the handsome and impeccably-dressed Prince Charming types. Instead, we're more likely to be head-over-heels in love with Beauty and the Geek-material men.Take Mina,
Ready for You 2.0? Maybe all you need is a quick download to make it happen!
You think Mondays are manic? Research shows Wednesdays are worse! Here's how to turn that day around.
There's no doubt about it: Mondays are tough. But according to research, Wednesdays can really suck the life out of you...literally. A study found that most suicides occur mid-week. "It's the tipping point," says Augustine Kposowa, PhD, the
Having a jam-packed life can leave you zapped. Fight that feeling by incorporating our easy, feel-good activities during your lunch hour.
Ever feel like you spend a majority of your waking hours slaving away? Well, if you work full-time, you do. Add in errands and social stuff, and there's almost no time left for you. That's bad news. "Women are
Has life been treating you rough lately? Practice these tips for managing your money, job, health, and love life.
During turbulent periods, it's easy to feel like you have zero control over your future. That's why we've created this crib sheet of info that will help you navigate several areas of your life through stressful events.How To
Find out which of our self-improvement stories Cosmo girls turned to the most to help them get more confident, healthy, successful, and happy.
One of the things that makes Cosmo unique is our dedication to helping you live your life to the fullest, and not just in terms of your relationships. Consider us your best girlfriend, someone whom you can always turn to for advice columnist Bianca Valerio explains why you may be feeling unenthusiastic about sex.
February is the month of love, or shall we say, an extra dose of it, considering love is in the air 365 days a year for most. Showering our loved ones with affection is indeed crucial to keeping that so-called love
Get that job you want in six easy steps!
So you drafted a sharp resume. You sent it to a number of companies. The phone finally rings: interview time! How do you make an impression so good, employers can't wait to hire you? Easy. Here are six tips: 1. Research.
You've clamored for more gadget, dining, and travel stories in Cosmo--and we gave in. Now, see which articles got the most buzz from you, dear readers!
As we always say, Cosmo is about more than just hot hunks and relationships (although that's a huge chunk of who we are!). We pride ourselves in being an all-around lifestyle brand that strives to help improve every aspect of
Maximize benefits this lifestyle card gets you from over 700 establishments in Manila, Cebu, and Boracay--through your mobile phone.
Cosmo chicks who are always on a budget are also always on the look out for the best deals and bargains. Why pay more when you can get the best at a discount--when you can get something for free even? That'
As the country's first value hotel, promises to be both practical and economical for on-the-go women who need a place to stay temporarily.
Too tired after doing overtime--and your house is a good two hours away from work? Too drunk to drive home after a crazy night out? Or maybe you just need a place to spend quiet, quality time with your guy? You
Cosmo's sister publication <i>Real Living Magazine</i> came up with a nifty book on decorating small spaces. Read about it here, then go grab a copy. It's just P195!
Did you just buy your hard-earned first condo or moved out to assert your independence and rented a studio? Or are you so bored and nasisikipan in your room, you want to redecorate? We know that more and more of you,
Other than checking for lumps, make sure you don't miss out on these other symptoms.