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Did you notice this?
Netflix's You Season 3 was full of tiny blink-and-you'll-miss-them details, with eagle-eyed viewers noticing everything from filming mistakes to hidden plot points.Fans have previously theorized on links between You and shows including
Theo and Love! In real life!
OMG. You fans are not ready for this. Victoria Pedretti, 26, and Dylan Arnold, 27, aka Love Quinn and Theo Engler are apparently dating in real life.Netflix's You Season 3 has been a staple in our households recently, and
The only thing more enjoyable than binge-watching your favorite show instead of doing work on a Monday? Finding a continuity error in said favorite show (shoutout to the Game Of Thrones Starbucks cup, you legend). Which brings us to the third
This actually makes a lot of sense.
You Season 3 has officially arrived on Netflix, and the drama did *not* disappoint. Still, as expected when it comes to You, we've been left with about as many questions as we started with. Season 4 has finally been confirmed (
These will get your brain cells maxed out and yup, body parts clenching.
Don't lie: Your entire body seizes up when you're watching someone in a life-or-death situation on screen-and that includes your derriere. We're sure you know that awesome sigh of relief you let go
We've got eight amazing titles to binge on!
It's been almost *two* years since You Season 2 was released and, guys, the wait is OVER. The third installment of our fave psychological thriller is back this October. But that's not all, of course! We've
Who's Joe Goldberg's new neighbor?
Filming for You Season 3 has officially wrapped up, Netflix confirmed on Saturday, April 24.The streaming giant previously announced You Season 3 would be dropping in 2021 after Penn Badgley, who plays main character Joe Goldberg, let slip that fans could
WARNING: May contain spoilers!
Penn Badgley has put fans out of their misery by shutting down a popular fan theory for You Season 3.The final scene of season two ended with Joe peering through his fence and watching his neighbor read a book. As he
Yes, we still can't stop watching it and yes, we still think Joe is dangerous.
Sexy but *very* creepy Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is back at it again with his (psychotic and obsessive) antics. He recently moved to sunny Los Angeles in hopes of starting anew, as well as to run from his ~presumably~ back-from-the-
...and of course Kourtney Kardashian shops there IRL.
In case the hoards of influencers haven't made it painfully obvious already, You Season 2 takes place in Los Angeles instead of New York City. And while some L.A. natives are a little salty that the show is portraying
Wondering what Joe is up to now?
It's been 15 months since we last saw Penn Badgley in Season 1 of the Netflix series You, and we told you that you'd be seeing more of him in the show's second season, which is
Penn Badgley's back, too!
It might still be November, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare for Christmas ahead. There's nothing quite like listening to Christmas songs, eating good food, and reuniting with folks you haven't seen in
It's not love, girl. It's an obsession.
If you've watched YOU (read: binged all 10 episodes in one day), you know that this Netflix series is legit one of the many reasons why you may be opting to stay single during cuffing season.For those of you
Our hearts are melting!
It's been all over our feed these past few days that Netflix's You stars Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley flew into the country for their press tour. And while the Fil-Canadian actress has been hopping from one
The two even interacted via IG stories!
In case you haven't heard, Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley are currently in Manila to promote their Netflix series You. Shay has been documenting most of her stay on Instagram, including her pre-event prep, and get this: She had
They're here to promote their show 'You.'
Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell arrived in Manila on January 13 to promote the Netflix series, You. Joining Shay is co-star Penn Badgley.Shay and Penn will have a fan event on January 15, Tuesday, at a pop-up "Mooney'
Joe Goldberg isn't done yet.
Never trust a man who is very protective about his basement. That's what we all learned from addictive Netflix thriller You for 2019.Unfortunately, it's a lesson a few more ill-fated characters will likely find out the
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Our ultra-pleasurable ideas are simple, inexpensive, and designed to give all five of your senses a jolt. Oh yeah...and they make you feel like a vixen.1. Stash an oil burner with a citrus-scented essence in your room. This
There are ways to feel fab without a man in tow. This weekend, give yourself some lovin' by indulging your inner vixen.
1. Turbo flirt.When you're at a party or an event where you don't know anyone, take advantage of being anonymous by flirting your ass off. Step out of your coquette comfort zone and test-drive being gutsier than usual: