They take selfies, too!
Gone are the days when the personal lives of royals have been guarded with utmost secrecy. Thanks to social media, we get a glimpse of their day-to-day activities-from the mundane to the truly outrageous. Here we have eight accounts
The pretty half-British Star Magic talent tries her luck in <em>Starstruck V.</em>
It seems jumping from one network to another is a trend these days, not just among big stars, but but also among would-be stars.The last quarter of the year saw an exodus of talents from ABS-CBN to the GMA-
She moves on from doing cutesy roles (and being <em>just </em>Francis M.'s daughter) to becoming a serious actress.
Thousands audition for the latest installment of GMA-7’s <em>artista </em>search.
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