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*Takes down notes*
Aside from Raiza Contawi's talent of creating trendy makeup looks and her ~*glass*~ skin, another thing we're envious of is her tresses. They just look so shiny, bouncy, and full of ~life~!Lucky for us, she shared her
'I'm overwhelmed!'
We Pinoys are super proud of our local beauty brands, so we were psyched when it was our turn for Manny MUA's Makeup Mystery Box series! A Pinoy fan, Jazmine, sent a big box of snacks, trinkets, and cosmetics to
Ang ganda!
Another day, another hair transformation. This time, it's courtesy of one of our favorite local YouTubers, Anne Clutz! Recently, she posted a picture of her sporting a fresh new hue, and naturally, we were very ~intrigued~. Luckily for us, she
How you like that?!
Liza Soberano being a Blink is already common knowledge, but she took her love for BLACKPINK to the next level by challenging herself to recreate Jennie's beauty look for the teaser of their comeback single "How You Like That," and
Her complexion is GOALS!
When it comes to local content creators, one of the people we really look up to is Raiza Contawi. She's knowledgeable in cosmetic ingredients, plus there's no doubt that she has ~amazing~ makeup skills (have you seen the
Congratulations, Anna and Geloy!
Followers of Anna Cay started to speculate that something ~special~ was happening when the YouTuber posted a photo of herself with longtime boyfriend, Geloy Villalobos, shopping for appliances on June 7, 2020. One comment was, "Feel ko engaged naaa."On that same
Newbies are more than welcome to join!
Pinay content creator Raiza Contawi has a special treat for all beauty lovers: She will conduct a free online makeup workshop during quarantine.After she announced it on IG, and we just had to ask her for more details. Through Instagram DM,
It's an instant facelift!
By now, your Instagram and TikTok feeds are probably filled with girls whose makeup looks almost cat-like, with straight brows and elongated eyes-just like the signature makeups styles of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. There are three ways to score
Say goodbye to greasy locks!
Having greasy hair during hot summer days is unbearable-it feels heavy and you could end up with breakouts on your forehead and temples. YouTuber Nikkia Joy, however, found an easy way to combat oily locks. Keep on scrolling to know more:
Get handy tips and practical application techniques from these helpful videos.
There's no shortage of ways you can entertain yourself while you're stuck at home-from making your own cool coffee concoctions to bonding with your friends online and even cutting your own bangs. Looking for another fun activity
'Sa kusina lang ang punta, pero nagpaganda ng husto.'
Raiza Contawi, one of our favorite Pinay content creators, blessed us with yet another makeup tutorial so we can hone our skills, too. She challenged herself to create a look using *only* local products, and the result was ah-mazing! She ended
Don't rush yourself.
Creating the perfect winged eyeliner can be a struggle if you have hooded eyes because you don't have much lid space to work with. There's also a tendency for your hard work to ~disappear~ the minute you open
Still no face reveal, though.
Fact: When you search for Bretman Rock on YouTube, "Bretman's boyfriend" is one of the first results that will show up and it's not surprising why. They have kept their relationship under wraps for so long. Even when
They look so similar!
One of our favorite K-dramas to watch when we want to take a break from the kilig rom-coms is Hi Bye, Mama! It's a heartwarming show that surrounds Cha Yu-Ri's (portrayed by Kim Tae Hee)
It's a ~miracle~ hair treatment.
Bleaching and coloring your hair can give you a high, especially if you're the type of person who likes changing up their look every now and then. You get to try out hues you wouldn't normally have, plus
Transform yourself into an Instagram ~baddie~.
When we think of ~typical~ Asian beauty looks, we see puppy eyeliner, pink blush, just-bitten lips, and glass-like skin. For a long time, it's been seen as the standard of East Asian beauty. There is, however, another trend
Beat boredom with a flawless face.
If you aren't watching K-dramas and taking online courses while on home quarantine, beat boredom with the one task you probably haven't done in a while-putting on makeup. Instead of wearing your usual pre-quarantine face,
She even made her own Mulan costume!
Here's something that will lighten up your mood: Content creator Raiza Contawi just blessed us with a Mulan-inspired makeup video! She went all out to channel the heroine from the 1998 Disney animated film.Raiza first teased everyone by
'Hala, hindi pantay!'
Ever since the government placed Luzon under Enhanced Community Quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has been staying at home to avoid transmission of the virus. With that, people have been looking for ways to amuse themselves and be
Remember when he called James a 'danger to society'?
All has been relatively quiet on the beauty blogger front lately. Since Tati Westbrook posted her explosive "Bye Sister" YouTube video, ending her friendship with James Charles, no drama (except maybe those Jaclyn Hill lipsticks) in the beauty community has derailed fans&#