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He also said that he'd like to take ~lessons~ for a happy marriage!
Lee Jong Suk just expressed his desire to meet the woman of his dreams and get married!The actor recently sat down with Elle Korea and was given 15 questions-ranging from his hobbies down to his fave dessert. Jong Suk, who&#
All the hard work was worth it!
Anyone who's watched All Of Us Are Dead knows that Lim Jae Hyuk, aka the ever-reliable Yang Dae Su, is one of the standout supporting cast members in the show.A physical force to be reckoned with, Dae Su-who'
Up your skincare game by listening to these K-beauty influencers!
Since the pandemic started, I've been getting more into skincare and K-beauty. I fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and I don't think I'm going to stop anytime soon! The feeling of discovering a new skincare
She mentioned it in a YouTube vlog.
If you're a fan of the hit Netflix Korean reality show Single's Inferno, you've probably noticed that An Yea Won didn't have as much screen time as the other cast members. Fans of the
Two kings in one photo!
It's been a month but we're still not over the fact that we all got a Lee Jung Jae and Leonardo DiCaprio selfie! The veteran actor talked more about their pic and what the Hollywood star said to
Our Deok Sun is so generous!
If you love Hyeri as a K-pop idol and actress, here's something that will make you appreciate her more: The multi-hyphenate loves giving iPads to her staff members!In a vlog uploaded on her YouTube channel, Hyeri shared
Her seats are inspired by Etihad Airways' business class cabins!
Bea Alonzo has been in showbiz for two decades now, but it's only recently when she finally decided to invest in her own "artista van."On Saturday, October 9, 2021, the GMA-7 actress gave her YouTube subscribers a tour
It's coming out on September 25!
Yep, time really does fly 'cause Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's love team is now 10 years old! The two started out their artista journey in the teen show Growing Up in 2011, and since then, they've
They were designed by Mak Tumang!
Kris Bernal and Perry Choi are getting married real soon! With just a few days to go before #PerryTaleNiKris on September 25, the Pinay actress recently uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel and talked about the story of her wedding gown.
Time to get things done!
If you're the type of person that *loves* planning out your life, I'm sure you've stumbled upon Notion before. ICYDK, it's an app that lets you make organized lists or "pages" for everything-may
Influencers need to file for two types of taxes: income and business.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue issued Revenue Memorandum Circular 97-2021 earlier this month. The circular essentially clarifies the income generated by social media influencers, or those who are earning by producing content through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok,
JaMill went controversial in April 2021 following a cheating issue.
Is it the end for "JaMill"?Fans of the vlogger couple couldn't help but react after the announcement of the deletion of their YouTube channel.On August 19, Thursday, one-half of the pair, Camille Trinidad, took to Twitter to
Foreign vloggers in the Philippines aren't exempted.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued a memorandum on taxation for social media influencers-and yes, they definitely have to do their part, too. Under Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 97-2021 issued on Monday, August 16, the bureau outlined several
Gerald initially thought he was at a disadvantage.
In her latest vlog, Julia Barretto pitted her mom Marjorie Barretto and boyfriend Gerald Anderson against each other for a *friendly* game of Who Knows Me Better?"I'm going to be asking them questions about me and they're
She's got the most stylish kicks.
After posting her updated room tour, Lorin Gutierrez is back with another vlog and this time, she's giving us a quick rundown of her shoe collection. When it comes to sneakers, Lorin admitted that she's no expert, but
Plus you can learn how to make drinks and desserts!
Aside from binge-watching K-dramas on streaming services, I always go to YouTube whenever I want to unwind after a long day at work. This platform has a variety of content that I'm totally obsessed with, like K-pop
She loves fruity and floral scents!
K-pop idol turned fashion entrepreneur Jessica Jung loves collecting stuff and she recently showed us the Chanel bags that she has accumulated over the years. In another vlog, the multihyphenate shared her perfume collection and her favorite scents!Jessica's
The first episode of his YouTube Originals documentary is out!
Our favorite YouTuber, Bretman Rock, is back with a new show called 30 Days With: Bretman Rock! It's a four-part documentary series from YouTube Originals that follows the content creator into the jungle, where he will try to survive
She would buy a bag every year since she was young!
Jessica Jung has built a name for herself over the years-she's a K-pop idol, actress, bestselling author, YouTuber, and CEO of her own luxury fashion brand. Recently, Jessica shared another side of her: An avid bag collector. An
*inhales deeply*
If you search on YouTube, you'll see a lot of Korean stars who have ~revealed~ what's inside their bags. Some of them bring their favorite perfume or a gift from their fan on a daily basis, while others