Pretty space = productive brain.
We all have different ways of coping. You've probably tried making Dalgona coffee several times as an added arm workout. By now, it's also likely that you've got DIY bangs, and TBH, we're happy
Her pastel obsession = same!
We've said it before: sneakers will never go out of style. So if, you like a lot of us, are obsessed with collecting comfy pairs, we totally understand. One person who shares the same feelings as us is Fil-Am YouTuber
You can start a channel whenever you want.
A study was recently making the rounds on Twitter about how nowadays, more kids want to become YouTubers than astronauts. We're long past the days where having a YouTube channel was a side project or hobby. Professionals like Emma Chamberlain
Complete with live-in security, tyvm.
ICYDK: Jeffree Star has moved out of his ~extra~ pink Barbie house and is now the proud owner of a freaking castle. He starts the video by explaining that they outgrew their old house, especially because there was no room left for
All hail kween Tati!
Tati Westbrook, queen of YouTube makeup reviews and tutorials, is finally releasing her very own makeup line! Her brand is called Tati Beauty, and it has made its debut on Instagram. Based on the first few posts, it looks like Tati is
Yovana Mendoza aka Rawvana has issued an apology.
First, drama set the beauty community on fire in 2018. Then, mukbangers started feuding over copyright striking. Now, vegans are up in arms over a famous YouTuber who, after promoting veganism and essentially making money off the movement, got caught eating fish.
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