Aka how to make an impressive breakfast. Bonus? It takes less than an hour!
Scrumptiously decadent with its rich, buttery hollandaise sauce, soft, runny eggs, and toasted English muffin halves!Serves 4 to 8 Prep Time 20 minutes Cooking Time 20 minutesFor the hollandaise sauce:3 large egg yolks2 teaspoons water1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
Get the holiday party started with a tropical cocktail.
Try this recipe for a tropical cocktail: it combines the sweet tangy flavors of pineapple with tequila!Serves 4 to 51 1/2 cups pineapple juice1 cup white tequila1 cup Cointreaujuice from 10 lemonslemon or lime wedges, to serve fresh pineapple slices
Always rushing to work and skipping breakfast? Prep the night before and never go hungry again!
Never skip breakfast again by prepping the night before (or earlier!). Here are some recipe ideas for your grab-and-go morning meals: Banana LoafThis freezes well so you can make this ahead and store it-for the next day! Breakfast MuffinsLoaded
It all starts with what goes into your dishes and meals.
Trying to go the healthy route? You don't have to banish all kinds of desserts from your life but you can start with baby steps (we have easy-to-do tips!):1. Watch your sides.White rice is tempting, but try
Nothing fancy over here!
Turning 30 is a milestone for many: it often means items ticked off a bucket list and fewer life goals to work on. And while we think you don't need to be a chef-in-training by the time you hit
Add coffee!
1. Don't scrimp on the chocolate! Now is the time to bring out the good quality dark chocolate bar. Remember: when making brownies, chocolate should be the hero.2. Always line your pan with parchment paper or wax baking paper. This
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