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Making conscious choices will be easier.
Sustainable living does not just involve using zero-waste objects like bamboo toothbrushes or steel straws. It has to be a holistic approach: The mind, body, and home should be nourished by things that are good for the Earth. You live with
They're made from excess fabric scraps!
Wearing a face mask when leaving your home is more crucial now than ever-in fact, it's required by law. Ideally, most of us should be staying home as often as possible. However, for those who need to head out
We need to do better, CGs. The Philippines has a long way to go.
On May 15, 2014, Former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III signed Proclamation No. 760 which declares January as "Zero-Waste Month." This initiative aims to promote environmental awareness and action among Filipinos, as well as "institutionalize public participation in the development of
Care for you hair in a sustainable and eco-friendly way,
Admittedly, shampoo bars are a bit weird at first glance. We're used to liquid shampoos that come in plastic bottles and sachets. However, now that we've started to become more ~eco-conscious~, brands are coming up with ways
Time to make the sustainable switch!
It goes without saying that Mother Earth has been asking for our help. And with this issue in mind, brands are becoming proactive in coming up with organic and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. This is to encourage everyone to start
The Good Trade pop-up store will be at The Grove until December 30, 2019.
ICYMI, The Good Trade (TGT), an initiative that's all about sustainability, now has a pop-up store at The Grove in Pasig! TGT was founded by Jana Bunagan, who's one of our #ForwardFearless14 women this year.The pop-
Yes to MORE sustainable options!
If one of your goals is to live a more waste-free lifestyle, you can start with your beauty routine. Making the switch to eco-friendly beauty products is the easiest way to reduce habits that could hurt and pollute the environment.
Daniela Calumba shares the benefits of DIYing your own natural, eco-friendly routine.
With news of climate change getting worse each day, people are becoming more conscious about their environmental footprint. For example, the concept of eliminating single-use plastic is gaining a lot of traction, and embracing a zero-waste beauty routine is one
The environment, your skin, and your wallet will thank you.
Reusable cotton pads, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups are not the only eco-friendly beauty products you can switch to. There are also safety razors! The retro-looking shaving tool your lolo used is becoming popular again as people switch to a
For an eco-friendly skincare routine!
Aside from skipping plastic straws and cups, transitioning to lower-waste beauty routine can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Start with small changes, such as using less disposable products like cotton pads and switching to their reusable and washable counterparts. This
What is necessary and what is simply out of convenience?
Back in high school, I participated in a mangrove cleanup as part of a school requirement, and most of the trash collected were plastic straws. This was in 2008. I became more conscious of my use of plastic straws, and tried to
Dani Rodriguez on the truth about going zero waste.
When you think of the words "zero waste," what comes to mind? Most people write it off as a concept that's too hard-almost impossible-to live by, but that's probably because you're picturing an extreme
There's more to it than metal straws!
Living sustainably and waste-free is an initiative that more and more Filipinos have been supporting. Not only through the "No Plastic" policy of major supermarkets and establishments, but through the minimization of plastic and non-biodegradable use altogether. Metal straws, cloth
It's easier than you think.
Everyone knows trash is a huge problem in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila. Did you know that Manila generates as much as one-fourth of the country's daily output of garbage? That's around 8,400 to 8,600 tons