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Your ~destiny~ could be written in the stars!
We're not ashamed to admit it: We have a *slight* obsession with zodiac signs. After all, the ~stars~ can tell you a lot about your current (and future) relationships-from predicting how likely you'll match with someone on
What does your sign hold in 2022?
Chat moderator Belle believes 2022 will be the year she'll find a boyfriend and stop saying "sana all" because it's written in the stars by her zodiac sign, with her horoscope serving as a compass for true love
Learn how you can manifest your dreams and desires through a guide to the stars.
And just like that, 2021 is almost over. Like me, chances are you've been doing a bit of self-reflection, too. Let's be real: There are times when you've stopped and asked yourself, "Where did the
Bc people with this sign are basically walking memes anyways.
The fact of the matter is: Everybody needs a Sagittarius in their life. These are the people that bring the fun, the "half glass full" outlook, and the "reach beyond the stars" ambition! I say that without these November/December babies, social
What could be more compatible than two Scorpios, or two Virgos, or..?
So you've got a crush/bae/twin flame/FWB-and they have the same Sun sign as you. (Whoa!) But isn't dating your own zodiac sign kinda...weird? Egotistic? Isn't it like dating yourself, or even your twin?
It's all about their Pluto.
You know how the FBI has an entire team dedicated to psychologically profiling murderers? Well, maybe they should just use astrology instead. It's cheaper. And bizarrely on point.Let me explain: In the zodiac, the 12 signs are divided into
Just updating my resume with 'Midheaven in Virgo' over here...
Have you ever felt that nagging feeling that your current job isn't meant for you? Or that you should have clearer career ambitions, but sometimes don't know where to start? Well, bb, there's a handy astrology tool that could
Let the ~stars~ decide your next signature style!
Thanks to TikTok and the internet, we've become familiar with quite a few fashion aesthetics in the past year or so. Some of the more popular ones include Y2K, E-girl, VSCO girl, Insta baddie, and cottagecore. But aside from
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Overview: What does "value" mean to you? Tuesday's New Moon in Taurus helps us explore who, what, and even how much we value from a place of worthiness and security. Jupiter enters Pisces on Thursday and stays there until July
Including an eclipse *and* Mercury Retrograde.
Happy May! Astrologically, we're right in the middle of Taurus season-a chill, low-key time of year-but there is plenty of cosmic drama coming up in the weeks ahead. Namely, both eclipse season AND another Mercury Retrograde. Let&#
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Overview: Slow and steady! Messenger Mercury enters tenacious Taurus on Monday, staying there until May 11. This transit inspires us to think conscientiously and focus on the tasks and conversations at hand. This weekend's Moon in Virgo continues the earthy,
If they're a Scorpio...good luck.
Uh oh. You f*cked up. And your partner knows it, too. (Ouch!) All relationships go through ups and downs, and no matter if you've been together for three weeks, five months, or twelve years, you're bound to fight with
There’s zero chance you’ll hate these.
No one likes a person who constantly blames their personality flaws on their sign (like, pls stop saying your Scorpio sun is the reason you're so controlling), but if anyone can truly use their ruling planets as an excuse, it's
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
What does security mean to you right now? The New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday wants your intentions for both personal and financial security. Reflect deeply on what your heart desires for safety! Then it's time for shadow work: Pluto
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Overview: Let's get sensual! Romantic Venus enters pleasure-loving Taurus on April 14 and stays there until May 9. The weekend is curious, chatty, and powerful under Sunday's Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries. Remember to ask for what
Thank u, next.
Cue the Lady Gaga song, bc sometimes romance just goes...bad. And when relationships go on for too long, there's a final wall that each zodiac sign hits. While it's true that ~all~ relationships take work, knowing when to
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Overview: End your disagreements and arguments on Tuesday! Venus in Aries forms a sextile with Mars in Gemini, offering cooperation and kindness. Avoid responsibility on Friday under the Mars-Neptune square, which wants us to indulge in fantasy, play, and pleasure. Sunday&#
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Overview: Remember what you wonder! Monday's one of the most powerful days of the year for your intuition, thanks to the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Wednesday's Sun-Saturn sextile helps you feel stabilized, because the zodiac'
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Overview: Don't forget to clarify what you mean! Tuesday's square between Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Gemini wants us to read between the lines. On Tuesday, the annual Sun-Venus conjunction in Aries is sure to bless
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Overview: Let's innovate! Tuesday's Moon-Uranus conjunction in stabilizing Taurus helps us find safety through innovation and change. On Saturday, the Sun enters Aries, where it stays until April 19. Happy Astro New Year! Venus enters passionate Aries