What's your star style?
Don't know what to wear? Turn to your zodiac sign if you're out of style ideas and let the stars dictate your fashion fate. Try experimenting with styles you've never tried before! Get one colorful piece
You say I'm "complicated," I say I'm "unpredictable, but in a fun way!"
1. Having people think you're two-faced because that's the one astrology thing everyone knows about Geminis. Just because your sign is represented by a photo of twins doesn't mean you're literally two different people; it just means
People you've never even met before swear you're BFFs.
1. Some people think about things before they do them.You are not one of those people. The amount of times someone has asked you why you did something and you just shrugged are nearing the triple digits.2. You've started
Is a romantic relationship written in the stars for you this summer? Click through for your sign and find out!
ARIES Throughout the beginning of the summer season, you may feel a strong urge to go and grab a luscious cutie by the arm and have your way with him. However, you may focus more on your needs, making it quite a
Are the stars aligned for you and your special someone? Find out in our zodiac compatibility chart. Click through for your sign.
ARIES With Aries: There's a tendency toward selfish love. You're both jealous creatures, so there may be quite a number of occasions wherein insecurity shows itself. There's bound to be a lot of passion and vocal
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