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All The Things Anne Curtis Loved In The '90s

Including all her favorite bands and artists!

On October 12, Anne Curtis threw a nostalgia-filled '90s-themed party to celebrate BLK Cosmetics' first anniversary. Of course, we couldn't pass up the chance to ask Anne some of the things she loved from the decade of brown lipstick and skinny eyebrows! Check it out below.

Grunge fashion

While she's also a fan of the preppy look (She looked like a character from Clueless at the party!), Anne also admitted she likes the messy grunge look of "hanging crop tops and loose pants."

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Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick

During the '90s, Anne wore a lot of lipstick. She explained, “that's why I made sure that the lipsticks that we created [for BLK's To The '90s Collection] were lipsticks I was wearing back then…But of course we recreated the formula naman na hindi ganoon [kakapal ang look], but the colors [are similar].” '90s lippies were mostly in brown tones, and were dark and moody.

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In case you wanted to see what kind of makeup look Anne wore when she was part of TGIS, here's a #TBT photo she posted:

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Boy and girl bands

Anne confessed to having a '90s playlist full of songs from bands such as Nirvana, The Cranberries, The Corrs, Backstreet Boys, and the Spice Girls. "So it’s like a mix of grunge and pop," she said.

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Flavored lip balms

Since Anne is just as kikay as us, we had to know what her favorite '90s makeup product was! According to her it was the "Vanilla Stick," and according to our ~research~ she could be referring to Bonne Bell's Vanilla Lip Smacker Flavored Lip Balm. Lip Smackers were a hit in the '90s, and every girl (we're not exaggerating this) had one or more in her bag. 

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Here are more '90s-inspired looks we spied on Anne:

A black slip dress + black stylish combat boots = Grunge fashion 100

"Old Skool" kicks were worn by kids of the '90s, and here she is wearing a pair.

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Snap clips were the It hair accessory of that decade.

Chokers were huge back then, too! Bonus points if they come in black.

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Tommy Hilfiger logo everything was, well, EVERYTHING in the '90s.

Anne nailed preppy fashion by layering a knitted vest over a short-sleeved shirt. We love her glasses, too!

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We love how Anne made a spaghetti strap top over a collared shirt look super cool and modern. Spot the brown lip, too!

How about you? Any '90-inspired look that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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