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Her fangirling started with a film called 'A Moment To Remember!'
Tessa Albea first watched the *iconic* Korean movie A Moment To Remember in 2004. She started listening to K-pop in 2007, and this led to a *lifetime* of becoming a certified K-drama and K-pop fangirl! Nowadays, she even hosts
As a longtime Hallyu fan, Pauline only went deep into K-pop in the pandemic!
University student Pauline got caught up in Hallyu in the early 2010s because of Korean dramas. Back then, she'd also casually listen to the popular K-pop groups at that time, like second gen greats SHINee, Girls' Generation, and
Plus more deets about why she loves NCT and SuperM!
Lexi, 29, is a proud stan of SM Entertainment boy groups NCT and SuperM. "I first got introduced to NCT back in 2019 by a couple of friends," she tells Cosmopolitan. "We watched the 'Superhuman' music video. And then only
'I got inspired to start this days after [Sungjin] left for his mandatory military service.'
Celine, 24, hadn't really listened to Korean music all that much before-that is, until she came across Korean pop-rock band DAY6. "I do love band music," she tells Cosmopolitan. "So I think that's why DAY6 kind of
'I discovered na mayroon isang P-pop group na kayang makipagsabayan sa world-class talent.'
In the ~normal~ world, Leonora, 36, started low-key stanning five-piece P-pop group SB19 when their 2019 single "Go Up" blew up online. But then the pandemic hit, and a lot of us found new activities and hobbies to cope
'It's really for everyone, as long as you have that passion.'
Karen Daphne, 26, has been an artist all her life. For years, she enjoyed doing digital and traditional art, but it was only in 2020 when she discovered the ~art~ of building miniatures. Thanks to a friend, she was introduced to miniatures
Check out our first mom and daughter duo in this special episode!
Nida, 66, is a mother of five and a super fan of Alden Richards. Her love for him started in 2015 when she first saw our favorite ~bae~ on Eat Bulaga! "From then naging adik na ako sa kanya. Bumili na ako
'They have the purest hearts with the purest intentions.'
Alyana, 21, has fangirling experiences some of us could only dare dream of. She's met, HUGGED, taken a picture with, and received autographs of her fave actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, and
'I'm happy that I have this small corner at home, where I can sit down, grab a book, and relax all day.'
It all started in 2008 with the Twilight book series. "I was obsessed with Twilight," Karen tells Cosmopolitan. Now 30, Karen is a nurse and a collector of books, specifically fiction. Her love for the written word began when she was only
'That's what's great about these fandoms: You find a place that you can call home.'
You can call Charlene, 36, an OG fan of Japanese pop culture. She first started with Sailor Moon when it showed on TV in the early '90s. Back then though, Japanese animated shows were almost always "headlined by a guy." "It
'What I find really interesting in candle collecting is that not all candles are the same.'
Ally, 19, is a full-time university student and a lover of all things ~candles~ as well. She started collecting candles in 2018 when her mom brought home one as a wedding souvenir. "It was a candle that was coffee-scented," she
'She inspires women to be confident in themselves, to be your own kind of beautiful.'
Natch may be based in the US but her love for Heart Evangelista knows no bounds. At 52, Natch has amassed an enviable collection of Heart's collaborations with various clothing, accessories, and jewelry brands. "I became a really serious [fangirl]
He even created a paper dolls ~pageant~ of his collection, complete with awards and a souvenir program!
Jimpy, 25, has been fascinated with local showbiz ever since he was a kid. But interestingly enough, his love for artistas was a way for him to discover something new: paper dolls! When he was in grade school, Jimpy chanced upon these
'All I know is that everyone around me was screaming and it felt like time has stopped.'
For Karen, 32, listening to K-pop-let alone actually stanning a group-never really interested her before. "I first got into EXO back in 2018. I'm actually sort of a late bloomer," Karen tells Cosmopolitan. But it all changed
'First time out of the country, first time in a Pokémon Center. You can imagine my glee.'
If you grew up in the late '90s and early '00s, nothing-I mean, NOTHING-reigned supreme than Pokémon. They were literally everywhere-on TVs, on video games, on cards, on stuffed toys, pillows, shirts, what have you. Poké
'To be honest, sila yung reason kung bakit talaga ako nakapag-survive sa internships.'
Mona, a 26-year old Medical Technology graduate and video creator, remembers the *exact* date she became a fan of SB19: August 27, 2019. "Birthday kasi 'yon ng classmate ko and parang nagtipon-tipon kami," she tells Cosmopolitan. "And then yung
'Nakaka-proud lang na bilang fan, I witnessed Anne Curtis at her happiest.'
One look at Gladyz Anne, 23, and you'd notice she shares an uncanny resemblance with a certain Filipina superstar, Anne Curtis. You could say their similarities in their physical appearance must be ~fate~ because, for Gladyz, her ultimate idol is
‘We kind of grew up together and I think that's really special. And I love that.’
Barb, 24, vividly remembers how the story of her life as a Directioner started: "It was 2011, I was 15, I believe it was Spanish class," she tells Cosmopolitan. Her friend comes in telling her to check out this band and shows
'They've been through a lot. So if anyone deserved the world's love or recognition, it's definitely BTS.'
Meet Kaye, a best-selling author and a longtime fan of global superstars, BTS. At 26, her journey with them started back in 2014, "just when their second EP Skool Luv Affair came out," Kaye tells Cosmopolitan. "I remember my college BFF
'You have to control your feels, especially kung yung favorite artist mo yung nandiyan. 'Di ka pwedeng mag-fangirl.'
For a lot of fans, gaining access to meet their favorite idols seems like a far-fetched dream, but for Ruth, it's actually part of her job. In Episode 17 of the Fangirl Diaries, Ruth, a 24-year-old multimedia